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Poetry, drama, songs, essays from a Christian perspective. 

Sometimes a poem can summarize an entire sermon or, provide inspiration for days.  Essays 
can clarify what you have been trying to tell your friends for weeks.  Often, a play or video stays on one's mind for months or even years, because of the visual/emotional component.   Poetry, prose, drama, and music can touch the heart at a personal, creative, even spiritual level. 

This website exists as a resource.  All of the content is free and available to the public.  You may copy it and use it however you like so long as 1) you do not change, add or eliminate any part or word of any poem, essay, song or play, 2) You do not charge for people to hear, read or see it (drama), other than covering the expense of copies, or taking a free-will offering, and 3) you credit "gratefulsue" as the author.  Including this web address (gratefulsue.com) in your publishing of these writings would be appreciated.  Your comments or questions may be sent to gratefulsue@gmail.com. 

Is your church looking for a creative way to reach your community with the message of Christ at holiday time?  Christmas Mystery--a man and more... is a 40-minute evangelistic drama available for your use--as a script, using your own actors, or ready to present--as downloadable videos!   Contemporary Christmas is a new 30-minute evangelistic drama (script), also avail-able for download to produce with your own actors.  Do you want to include drama as part of a special Easter service?  The 25-minute play, It is Finished (script) thoroughly explains the significance of Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection by way of exploring those three short words spoken on the cross, "It is finished."  All scripts and videos are available at no charge.  Be sure to check out the Drama page on this site for more details.