About gratefulsue

        I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I had loving 
parents, who
 both spent time with me, encouraged me and made me feel important. When my parents divorced when I was 12, my father then bought a sailboat (much like the one in the photo on the right). He often took my sisters and me sailing on Lake Erie and sailing became a big part of my youth and teen years. Although I attended a local church with my mother while growing up, their teachings about Christ and the Bible had little impact on me.

            In college, at The University of Texas in Austin, I met someone who knew way more about Christianity than I did, and who claimed to have a "personal relationship with Christ." As he shared that knowledge with me, I responded with faith in the facts he was sharing. To hear my story of coming to faith in Christ, in a 3-minute video, click on gratefulsue--How I gained a personal faith in Jesus. 

            Later in my Sophomore year of college, I became involved in a non-denominational Christian group on campus, which gave me a vision for sharing the message of Christ's love and forgiveness with others. This vision influenced me to transfer to Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, and share my newly found faith with people in my home state. After graduation, I joined the staff of that Christian organization, working with college students at Boston College, for three years. 

            During my last year in Boston, I met my future husband. We had a whirlwind dating relationship and were married eight months later. We have 4 wonderful adult children. Our marriage had its blessings, but also had its share of bumps and bruises, which some of my poetry reflects. He passed away from cancer in 2015. I have been involved in full or part-time Christian ministry the majority of my adult life, as a staff member, participant, or volunteer for para-church organizations and churches in six different states. I also served on three summer missions projects, in Argentina, Japan, and the Dominican Republic.  

            I have been writing poetry ever since I was a teen. Songs, plays, essays, and now a short story I'm working on, were later developments. I try to be authentic, realistic, and empathetic in my writing because sugar-coating feelings and circumstances doesn't help anyone. God loves you and you are not alone on this journey.

            Please send your comments or questions to Sue at gratefulsue@gmail.com.

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