People love to be entertained!   Drama can be non-threatening, thought provoking and inspiring.   Good drama has the potential to catch people at a place of openness, and draw them into a place 
of self-discovery and growth. Visually oriented people especially will remember the message and  
impact of well-done drama long after a good sermon has been forgotten.  Consider using drama 
to reach out to the people you care about.

Christmas Mystery--a man and more... is an outreach tool to help you reach your com-munity for Christ during the Christmas season.  Experience the Nativity in a fresh way, from Joseph's point of view!  The gospel is clearly explained, through the dialogue of the characters, 
in the context of historical fiction.   Click on Christmas Mystery--a man and more... to learn more 
about this 40 minute drama.  Or, use the navigation bar on the right. 

Contemporary Christmas is a play about a modern family struggling with the contemporary issues of teenagers, sibling conflict and the relevancy of the Gospel message to people today. 
Both of the children in the family trust in Christ as their Savior, for very different reasons.  Some mature discussions target teens and young adults.  Scene 3 gives your church the option to 
insert a short choral presentation, if desired.  Not including that scene, the play lasts about 30 minutes.  For more information, click on Contemporary Christmas.  Or, use the navigation bar 
on the right.

It is Finished centers around an open conversation between a teenager and her mother, who 
are both already believers in Jesus. They explore the various applications to our everyday lives, which stem from Jesus' three short words, "It is finished," spoken on the cross at the end of His earthly life, as recorded in John 19:30. This is the shortest of the three plays on gratefulsue.com. 
If scene changes are done quickly, the play lasts about 20 minutes. For more information, click 
on It is Finished. Or, use the navigation bar on the right.