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Christmas Mystery--a man and more...


Screen shot from Christmas Mystery--a man and more... (c) 2012

Christmas Mystery—a man and more… is available for FREE as either down-loadable videos or as a downloadable script.  This original play is the story of the nativity, presented in a fresh way—from Joseph’s perspective, as historical fiction!  Many people don't know that for a time, Joseph planned to divorce Mary, after he first learned of her "unplanned" pregnancy!  One of the characters comes to understand the futility of works and the importance of faith, as he is confronted by the coming of His Messiah.  The plan of salvation is clearly explained. 

The play alone (seven scenes), lasts a total of 40 minutes.  Churches using Christmas Mystery--a man and more... as a community outreach event, may want to expand the performance by supplementing it with musical numbers in-between some of the scenes. Individuals and families might choose to show the videoed drama in their home with friends, or at a neighborhood evangelistic Christmas party.   

This drama was professionally filmed with amateur actors in 2011.  Incidentally, Joseph and his parents are a family in "real life" as well as in the play!  Since the gift of salvation is free to us, it should be offered free of charge to all.  I ask that you do not charge for tickets to your outreach event. If you produce the play every year, and improve it each time, the reputation of the production will gain momentum over time, and people will flock to your free event! 

There are two easy ways you may access Christmas Mystery--a man and more... 

1.  PRODUCE THE DRAMA LIVE, using your own actors and set. There are only four characters in the play, not counting baby Jesus.  To view the script, simply click on Christmas Mystery SCRIPT .  Then go to the top center of the document page, and look for the download icon (an arrow pointing down).  Then, click on the arrow, to obtain your own FREE COPY of the script for Christmas Mystery--a man and more... .  No changes may be made to the copy-righted script without prior permission from gratefulsue.  Inquiries may be sent to gratefulsue@gmail.com.  Please credit gratefulsue as the script author, and reference gratefulsue.com somewhere in your program credits.  Then, choose your actors, begin rehearsals, and start planning to publicize the performances of your outreach event to the community! 

To read a brief portion of the script from scene 2, click on Christmas Mystery--sample of script. Or, if you don't want to produce the drama...

2. USE THE PRE-RECORDED VIDEOS of all seven scenes, which were produced in 2011 and show the drama like you would a movie, in your church or home!  Click on the links below, which take you to vimeo.com.  Then, download each scene to your own computer.  I have also included the link to my three minute video testimony of coming to faith in Christ, which you are welcome to use at your event.  Personal testimonies are powerful tools, as are dramas!    

Christmas Mystery, Scene 1 - Arranged Marriage

Christmas Mystery, Scene 2 - Bad News!  

Christmas Mystery, Scene 3 - Divine Intervention

Christmas Mystery, Scene 4 - Guilt and Forgiveness

Christmas Mystery, Scene 5 - The Rabbi's Thoughts

Christmas Mystery, Scene 6 - Divine Orchestration

Christmas Mystery, Scene 7 - A Man and More...

Christmas Mystery, gratefulsue's testimony - (author)

To see a few brief shots taken from the above videos, you can view a promotional video we made for our showing in 2011, by clicking on this link:  2011 Video Promo .

3. ONE REQUEST:  If you DO use the videos or script in your home, church, Bible study or organization, please let me know...so that I can be encouraged also!  Drop me a note at gratefulsue@gmail.com.  Thanks!!

4. MORE RESOURCES:  If you wish to see the bulletin we used in 2011 (for ideas on how to set up your own bulletin), click  on Bulletin for the pdf file.  For a publisher file (able to be edited) click on Bulletin_pub.  Whether you use your own format or model our Bulletin format for your performance of Christmas Mystery--a man and more... please click on and read the following file:  C-M Bulletin Notes.  Thank you.

For character photo files, click on the following links: JacobTirzahJosephMary, and Baby's feet. For the Gospel presentation used in the bulletin, click on C-M Bulletin Gospel.