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Contemporary Christmas

Contemporary Christmas  is about a family of four, the night of a Christmas program at their church. Tom and Jane have two children, Brittany--a junior in high school, and Bobby--a fifth grader. By the end of the evening, both children have responded to the plan of salvation, for very different reasons. Some dialogue in the play may be considered inappropriate for younger children.  Read the script and use your own discretion, relative to your expected audience.  Contemporary Christmas  is ideal for reaching high school and college students.

Download Instructions:

To read and download this script, click on  Contemporary Christmas SCRIPT. Then go to the download icon (arrow pointing down) on the top, center of the document page. Click on the arrow to obtain your own FREE COPY of the script for Contemporary ChristmasNo changes may be made to the copyrighted script without prior permission from gratefulsue. 

Since the gift of salvation is free to us, it should be offered free of charge to all. I ask that you do not charge for tickets to your outreach event. If you produce the play every year, and improve it each time, the reputation of the production will gain momentum over time, and people will flock to your free event! Inquiries may be sent to gratefulsue@gmail.com. Please credit gratefulsue as the script author, and reference gratefulsue.com somewhere in your program credits. Then, choose your actors, begin rehearsals, and make a plan to market to your target audience. Let me know how it goes!