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It is Finished

Are you looking for a fresh way to explain the significance of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection to your community? It is Finished  is well suited for use in an Easter service, or as part of an evangelistic outreach event. It is Finished  illustrates the multiple implications of these three words, spoken by Jesus on the cross, in John 19:30. It is a short drama (20-30 minutes), centering around a bedtime conversation between a mother and her teen daughter. Fast scene changes include: a scavenger hunt, an athletic event, a child's punishment, and assembling a jigsaw puzzle. To read or download the play, click on It is Finished SCRIPT

Download Instructions: 
Once you have opened the above link to the script, click on the download icon (arrow pointing down) at the top, center of the document page, to obtain your own FREE COPY of the script. No changes may be made to the copyrighted script without prior permission from gratefulsue. Send your comments and inquiries to gratefulsue@gmail.com. 

Since the gift of salvation is free to us, it should be offered free of charge to all.  I ask that you do not charge for tickets to your outreach event. If you produce the play every year, and improve it each time, the reputation of the production will gain momentum over time, and people will flock to your free event! Please credit gratefulsue as the script author, and reference gratefulsue.com somewhere in your program credits. Then, choose your actors, begin rehearsals, and make a plan to advertise to your target audience.  Let me know how it goes!