Essays are a new mode of expression for me.  I'm finding that they take a lot more time to write and edit than poems!   I will be posting them as they come together and feel "finished."  Here is an alphabetical list of the ones completed thus far, with a brief summary. Click on the link below, or in the navigation bar on the right, to read the one which appeals to you.

Curse of the Old Age Monster Dealing with the reality of an aging parent who has Dementia or Alzheimers Disease is never easy. The impact of both my father's loss and my own associated with his situation came to full-light on the day he was permanently admitted to a memory care facility, unaware of what was happening to him. I knew. Yet, I was helpless to change his circumstances or turn back the clock.

Daily Prayer This essay is just what the title says, a "Daily Prayer" I say - to remind myself of all the blessings I enjoy, opportunities I have, and the need to fight negative thoughts with trust in a good God. Maybe you need to pray this prayer too?

Deadly Mistakes  How would you feel about being sent to war carrying weapons with dud ammunition?  Every day, that is precisely what happens to thousands of people, spiritually speaking.  Their personal “weapons,” to protect them from death, have bad ammunition!  

God, Heaven and Being "In-Love" is about what was going on in my life spiritually and romantically, beginning with my Sophomore year in college.  It supplements gratefulsue's story on the about gratefulsue page.  I hope you will visit that page also and watch the video.

How Can I Become A Christian?  This short essay outlines the simple truths which a person must understand and believe, in order to be assured of a personal and eternal relationship with Christ.

How do I know for sure God even exists?  Has anyone besides me ever wondered about the answer to this question?  When I was in college, a friend had a very good answer to it, and the implications of his answer changed my life forever!

Procrastinator's Argument follows the logic of a veteran procrastinator as he argues with the Holy Spirit about how to use his time.

Running the Race Well is an exposition to myself about the practical implications of 1 Corin-thians 9:24-26 and Hebrews 12:1-3.  Yes, I am in a race, titled, "Living for Christ Every Day." But, am I really running?  Or, am I just crawling or standing still?