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Life is beautiful and difficult. Be authentic, practice empathy, have faith, and stay grateful.

Hi. My name is Sue and I'm very grateful for God's kindness to me! I'm also very glad you came to visit my site. We are all looking for inspiration and connection. Poetry, prose, and drama can touch the heart at a personal, creative, and even spiritual level. I certainly don't claim to be a perfect Christian or to have a perfect understanding of how to interpret the Bible. Nevertheless, it is my hope that my observations, joys, and struggles will be a source of inspiration and connection for you. 

Simple Poems


I want to write simple poems, because

            most folks are like me—

Facing common struggles, while

            carving a place in history.


I want you, friend, to know that

            someone else has felt life’s pain…

Pondered questions, learned some answers,

            experienced spiritual gain.


I’m not an expert philosopher,

            psychologist or pastor,

But, I’d like to offer some encouragement—

            and, isn’t that what you're after?




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

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