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(From: Essays)

Daily Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for my life, my family, my friends, a warm house, and enough food. Thank you for my strengths and weaknesses, my blessings and challenges, my joys and disappointments. Thank you for the beauty of creation all around me! You’re amazing! Thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus, to earth to teach us about You and to die for us. Thank you so much for saving me from the penalty my sins deserve! 1. You have a plan for my life and good works for me to fulfill. 2.

These are the concerns I am facing today...

I lift them up to You.

Open my eyes to see where You are at work in the world today. 3. Help me to notice both the “fingerprints” of Your loving-kindness and the “embraces” of Your powerful presence — in my own life and in the world around me — and to give You praise.

Lack of joy comes from a lack of peace and hope. Lack of peace and hope come from fear and negativity. Fear is the opposite of trust.

Dear Lord, please help me not to “sit” in fear and negativity, but to “walk” in faith and trust today. 4. You are always with me! 5. I trust You to take care of me as a loving Father would, 6. and to guide my steps. 7. “My times are in Your hands.” 8. You are loving and compassionate. 9. Regardless of life’s problems, I believe there are more “good gifts” yet in store for me, 10. both gifts to receive and enjoy, and gifts to give away, to help others.

“May the God of hope fill (me) with all joy and peace as (I) trust in him, so that (I) may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” 11.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.


1. Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8-9

2. Ephesians 2:10

3. John 5:17

4. 2 Corinthians 5:7

5. Matthew 28:20

6. Matthew 7:11

7. James 1:5-6

8. Psalm 31:15a

9. Psalm 103:10-14

10. James 1:17, Matthew 7:11

11. Romans 15:13




© 2019 gratefulsue


(From: Faith)

Eternal Spring


As the tree looks almost dead

in winter months, I know instead,


it holds a secret—yet unseen.

When comes the spring, its life has been


holed up inside and waiting for

the call of God—leaves to restore.


To break the hold of winter’s grasp,

God brings forth life, as springtime laughs.


So too, will I laugh and rejoice!

When I am gone, I’ll raise my voice


to praise My Savior, lift His name—

who for His love for sinners came


to live on earth, to die for us,

to resurrect!  In Him I trust.


This dead tree, full of selfishness,

is cleansed and free!  I must confess—


He kept His promise of new life! 1.

Through faith in Him, I’m done with strife.


Just as the Savior rose from death,

I’ll do so—after my last breath. 2.


Spring’s reminder, Easter morn,

gives hope to all who are reborn. 3.


Eternal spring—my destined way,

I’ll see no more, a winter day!



1.   John 3:16

2.   John 11:25

3.   John 3:5-7




(C) 2015 gratefulsue


(From: Doctrines)



I keep looking at his sin and thinking,

            “How can I

                        EVER forgive THIS?”


I keep thinking about the audacity,

            with outrage.

                        Betrayal with a kiss. 1.


Lies and more lies. Deep wounds

            inflicted, intentionally.

                        Multiple injuries—bleeding.


I might have reduced the suffering...

            but, now it’s too late

                        to hear silent pleading.


Sins of selfishness against his peers,

            against his loved ones—

                        who blindly trusted.


But now, I can see. And now,

            I know. Now,

                        I’m just disgusted.


Here in my corner of anger and judgment,

            along with sadness,

                        revenge is a treat.


Gulping unforgiveness quenches

            my thirst for payback, 2.

                        and tastes sweet.


Yet, I know this drink is poison.

            Not life-giving 3.

                        (although addicting).


Somehow, I must heed my Savior’s bidding

            and take the antidote

                        He’s mixing.


Open up my will, not just my head.

            And learn from Him who saw

                        great wrong and pain.


He was offended and abused by

            so much more than I—

                        yet, He saw gain...


By loving the offenders,

            dying for them,

                        (and for me).


He also loved the victims—

            both captives and captors,

                        whom He came to free. 4.


He is my example.5.  How to forgive?

            I must love more—

                        love from my heart. 6.


I can choose today to have mercy 7.

            toward the offender.

                        And, that’s a good start.



1.  Luke 22:48

2.  Romans 12:19

3.  Ephesians 4: 26, 31

4.  Luke 4:18

5.  Luke 23:34

6.  Mark 12:30-31, 1 Cor. 13:4-7

7.  Matthew 18: 32-33




© 2017 gratefulsue

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