Poem of the Month

Every month, I will feature either a new poem or a favorite poem on this page, as well as the highlighted poems from the previous two months. The category page from which each poem is taken is listed in parentheses ( ) under the month.

February 2019

(from: Nature)

Ice Storm


Tinseled trees!  Touched by sun,

            their radiant sparkles shine.

Fragile frozen droplets

            fiercely clinging to the vine.


Miniature mirrors making merry,

            dancing in the sky,

Waving wonderful wintery limbs,

            for all passers-by.


Blinding brilliance buoys spirits

            but it breaks the boughs.

Winter wind blows weary weights

            which bend as strength allows.





© 2015 gratefulsue

January 2019

(from: Courage for the Battle)

Hope for a Faint Heart


“God is the strength of my heart…” 1.

I hear the Scriptures say.

My faint soul may be fortified

When in Him I delight and obey.


Inner strength comes from trusting

That He always hears my prayers. 2.

He knows my frame is dust 3.

And He gladly takes my cares. 4.


“He who did not spare His own Son…

Graciously gives us all things,” 5.

Ample faith and hope and love

For whatever challenges life brings.


“He hems me in—behind and before” 6.

So I’ll know the way of His will.

He sets “the days ordained for me” 7.

Then “prepares good works”  I fulfill. 8.


“According to His riches” in His Son 9.

My needs are met—

Contentment, courage, character

Are needs He’ll not forget.


All I must do is ask Him, and

Though broken, yet believe… 10.

The Holy Spirit’s power

Is the strength I then receive. 11.



1.      Psalm 73:26  

2.      1 John 5:14

3.      Psalm 103:14

4.      1 Peter 5:7

5.      Romans 8:32

6.      Psalm 139:5

7.      Psalm 139:16

8.      Ephesians 2:10

9.      Philippians 4:19

10.    Matthew 21:22

11.    Luke 11:13




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

December 2018

(from: Doctrines)



God in the flesh

To earth come down.

Arrives as a baby

The world to astound.


Grows up to manhood

To be like us all,

Yet never stoops to

The sin of the “fall.”


The Son of the Father,

Savior and God.

Our friend and example

Judge and rod.


Man of miracles

Wisdom divine—

Of inspiration and

Supernatural signs.


How could you come

As a tiny child?

How could a king be

So gentle, so mild?


Humility mixed

With a royal task

Gave you honor,

Made your kingdom last.


Truth embodied

God let us see.

Yet, able to laugh,

To cry, to bleed.


Wonderful paradox:

This man is LORD.

Begging us choose:

Disbelieve or adore?





(C) 2015 gratefulsue