Poem of the Month

Every month, I will feature either a new poem or a favorite poem on this page, as well as the highlighted poems from the previous two months. The category page from which each poem is taken is listed in parentheses ( ) under the month.

April 2018

(from: Holy Living)

Slay the Monster


It doesn’t have any horns,

It isn’t even green.

It doesn’t have big teeth—

but, its favorite meal is teens.


It does not look impressive.

Sometimes it’s very small.

When sleeping, it’s not dangerous—

but, quietly sits by the wall.


And yet, this real-life monster

should strike fear in every heart—

of those who wish to please the Lord,

from worldly ways, to part.


This monster has an appetite

which never will be filled.

Its victims all have weakened wills

And in this condition, sin builds.


Stolen time, wasted hours,

Bow at its command—

Lustful, prideful, Godless thoughts,

Are like a fire, fanned.


Slay the monster!  Turn it off!

Go out for a walk.

Read a book, talk to a friend,

Gain strength from Christ, “the solid rock.” 1.

1.  Matthew 7:24-25




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

March 2018

(from: Character of God)

He is in the Mercy

When all seems dark and dreary,

when God seems far away,

when man is deep in misery,

God’s mercy comes in play.                     


When Satan wins the battles,

and death comes with a roar,

for those who look with faith,

grace and mercy are in store.      


He comforts with compassion,

brings answered prayer’s relief,

gives hope through odd surprises, 

sends peace to those in grief.


Yes, He is in the mercy,

be it quiet, still or small.

His tender mercies come, 1.                        

to His child He loves in all.



1.   Lamentations 3:21-23  NKJV




© 2015 gratefulsue

February 2018

(from: Family)

Kids and Parents


Oh, to be a kid again!

Responsibilities were few.

Clean my room and go to school,

Was all I had to do.


Hours on end to play ‘n talk—

To bug my sister, dear.

Material goods beyond my needs,

Vacations far and near.


Praise and hugs for “Daddy’s girl”

Homemaker Mom was the best!

Freedom to grow and enjoy life

With these good gifts I was blessed. 1.


But now the shoe’s on the other foot—

My children depend on me,

To provide a safety net for them—

A haven of joy and stability.


Though days are full and nights are short,

Responsibilities never end,

I pray for a home of love and grace—

One which the Savior commends.


1.   James 1:17




© 2015 gratefulsue