Poem of the Month

Every month, I will feature either a new poem or a favorite poem on this page, as well as the highlighted poems from the previous two months. The category page from which each poem is taken is listed in parentheses ( ) under the month.

January 2018

 (from: People)

A Beautiful Day for a Race


“Isn’t it a beautiful day for a race?”

            she said as she passed men by.

Trained as she was for the altitude,

            she continued to reach for the sky.


Practiced and ready for one special day,

            running history she would make,

Yet, unaware of her spot as “the first,”

            or, “glass ceiling” which she would break.


“I feel pretty good. I can continue,”

            she thought as she reached the top.  

“I can run back down. Yes, I think I can.

            There’s no reason for me to stop.”


The mountain she conquered was more than Pikes Peak.

            It was more than completing a goal.

More than a marathon run by a woman,

            for our hearts, by her grit, she stole.





© 2017 gratefulsue


(In honor of Arlene Pieper, who in 1959 was the first woman to complete a marathon, 26.2 miles, in the United States. She ran to the summit of Pikes Peak and back down, in Manitou Springs, CO.)

December 2017

(from: Nature)

Heavenly Art

Slowly at first, the snowflakes fall

To let down a veil which covers all.


A lacey veil—ever so light

Delicately sewn—of glowing white.


No footprints, tracks, or signs of man

Intrude the scene across the land.


All is still, while diamonds fall

Save creaking trees with branches tall.


Soft lamplight makes the hillside glisten

The wind whispers to those who listen.


Gradually, the snowflakes thicken

Their earthly descent starts to quicken.


Now a blanket covers the ground

Cold and heavy, white all around.


Angels look and smile with delight

At winter wonders present at night.


More and more snow fills the sky

Dancing happily ‘til dawn draws nigh.


Then morning reveals the Creator’s art

His seasonal painting to warm the heart.




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

November 2017

(from: Faith)



Everyone loves a surprise...

            except when you don’t.


“No news is always good news...”

            except when it’s not.


The cup half-full is a blessing...

            The cup half empty still hurts.


Frailty comes to most.

            Longevity comes to some.

                        Mortality comes to us all.


The Savior calls to all.

            The Savior saves all who believe.

                        All who believe are safe. 1.



1.  1 John 5:11-13





© gratefulsue 2017


(In memory of Barbara)