Poem of the Month

Every month, I will feature either a new poem or a favorite poem on this page, as well as the highlighted poems from the previous two months. The category page from which each poem is taken is listed in parentheses ( ) under the month.

December 2018

(from: Doctrines)



God in the flesh

To earth come down.

Arrives as a baby

The world to astound.


Grows up to manhood

To be like us all,

Yet never stoops to

The sin of the “fall.”


The Son of the Father,

Savior and God.

Our friend and example

Judge and rod.


Man of miracles

Wisdom divine—

Of inspiration and

Supernatural signs.


How could you come

As a tiny child?

How could a king be

So gentle, so mild?


Humility mixed

With a royal task

Gave you honor,

Made your kingdom last.


Truth embodied

God let us see.

Yet, able to laugh,

To cry, to bleed.


Wonderful paradox:

This man is LORD.

Begging us choose:

Disbelieve or adore?





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

November 2018

(from: Fellowship with God)



Race against time,

            against tired and sick.

Accomplish my goals,

            hurry-up, quick!


Make the bed, dress,

            fix breakfast for all—

Have a “quiet time,” pray

            I don’t end up like Saul.


No power, no wisdom,

            no Spirit to guide.

Instead of at peace—

            content by Your side.


My days are so busy,

            don’t let me forget—

My goal to love You

            is the best goal I set.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

October 2018

(from: Evangelism)

“Lord, I want to reach the world for You!”


“Lord, I want to reach the world for You!

And, this group has a plan, which I can do.

Share my faith; make disciples who follow.”  1.

            “That’s fine, but I’ll have a new plan for tomorrow.”


“Lord, I want to reach the world for You!”

            “Yes, I’ll give you children. Will you reach those few?”  2.

“It’s taking so long! Can’t I reach foreign lands?”

            “How about if you focus on the task at hand.” 


“Lord, I want to reach the world for You!

Marooned on this island, there’s not much I can do.”

            “You have other gifts to be strengthened now.

            Your writing, I both enjoy and allow.”


“I do like to write poems, essays, and more.”

            “Perhaps you can see the plan that’s in store?

            There are other ways you can glorify me.

            Reach the world through your creativity! 


            Yet, all this zeal still needs to be tested.

            If I allow great trials, will your faith be arrested?”

“Oh Lord, this pain is so cruel and dark!

The wounds from brethren are deep and stark.”   3.


            “Your time in the desert has passed, dear child.

            I’ll place you in a garden, wonderful and wild.”  4.

“Oh! I never imagined a job so sublime...

Working in your fields, at harvest time!”


            “Four years of harvest have passed. Now move

            To a place where your husband’s gifts will improve.”  5.

“But, I love this job!  I don’t want to leave!”

            “Four years for writing, while you grieve.”


“Our kids are raised. Now what should I do?

I still want to reach the world for You!”

            “Your husband needs your help for a task.

            One quiet year, please.  That’s what I ask.”  6.


“My husband was called away. Now he’s with You.

I don’t know if there’s strength left to do something new. 7.

I was so energized, many years ago, Lord—

Now, my body is weak, like a glass, half poured.”  


            “You are still useful now, as you were back then.

            But, now that you’re older, on Me, you must depend.

            That’s part of my plan. Don’t be so surprised!

            Strength can hamper my work, don’t you realize?


            As you rely more on Me, there’s less focus on you.”

“Okay, Lord. Whatever you ask—that I’ll do.” 

            “Your zeal for the lost will shine brightest still

            When out of your weakness, you do what I will.” 



1. 1977-1990 Para-church ministry involvement in TX, OH, MA, PA, WV

2. 1991-2014 Independent ministry; raising children in TX, WV, SC

3. 2003-2005 Testing in TX

4. 2006-2010 Church staff in WV

5. 2010-2014 David’s new ministry in SC; my time for writing

6. 2014-2015 Cancer in SC

7. 2015 Something new in SC





© 2015 gratefulsue