Poem of the Month

Every month, I will feature either a new poem or a favorite poem on this page, as well as the highlighted poems from the previous two months. The category page from which each poem is taken is listed in parentheses ( ) under the month.

June 2018

(from: Family)

Reluctant Servant  

A selfish participant in family am I,

Accepting the perks, but reluctant to “die.”  1.


Loving the hugs, affirmations, fun.

Sluggish to finish work that’s not done.


Counting the cost, I’m feeding my fear,

Wanting my “time to myself” to stay clear.


Give up my life!  I will find it anew.  2.

Take the first step, is what I must do.


Once I have started my faith walk today,

I’ll feel the Lord lighten my feet of clay.  3.


But, if I neglect how God asks me to serve,

I’ll end up with the regrets I deserve.  4.



1.   John 12:24-25

2.   John 12:25, 2 Corinthians 5:17

3.   Isaiah 64:8, Philippians 4:13

4.   Philippians 2:1-4




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

May 2018

(from: Emotions)

Life in a Movie

Life in a movie—the colors! The sounds!

Stunning videography and intimacy abound.


The orchestra plays, the camera zooms in

The dream is attained—and everyone wins!


All in the theater are drunk with the wish

That each of our lives would be happy like this.


A plot twist emerges... we all hold our breath.

Hearts break with fear that the dream met its death.


But wait, here’s a new twist—hope saves the day!

Strange providence, luck, with persistence, finds a way!


All sigh with relief. Dry eyes swell with tears.

Hearts burst with joy as we bury our fears.


Such drive deep within us—such longing! The kind

That ne’r goes away ‘til satisfaction it finds.


Our crying for purpose, for meaning and worth

Is freely received with spiritual new birth. 1.    


What joy! 2. Forgiveness! 3. What love! 4. And rest! 5.

To each newborn child, God gives the very best. 6.


Yet, e’en with new life, that drive never dies.

Honesty says, we all still have heart cries...


Opportunity and purpose—for some bold great task

Which will for posterity and eternity last.



1.  John 1:12-13, 3:1-17

2.  Psalm 28:6-7

3.  Acts 10:39-43

4.  Romans 8:32

5.  Matthew 11:28-29

6.  Romans 8:28-32




© 2017 gratefulsue

April 2018

(from: Holy Living)

Slay the Monster


It doesn’t have any horns,

It isn’t even green.

It doesn’t have big teeth—

but, its favorite meal is teens.


It does not look impressive.

Sometimes it’s very small.

When sleeping, it’s not dangerous—

but, quietly sits by the wall.


And yet, this real-life monster

should strike fear in every heart—

of those who wish to please the Lord,

from worldly ways, to part.


This monster has an appetite

which never will be filled.

Its victims all have weakened wills

And in this condition, sin builds.


Stolen time, wasted hours,

Bow at its command—

Lustful, prideful, Godless thoughts,

Are like a fire, fanned.


Slay the monster!  Turn it off!

Go out for a walk.

Read a book, talk to a friend,

Gain strength from Christ, “the solid rock.” 1.

1.  Matthew 7:24-25




(C) 2015 gratefulsue