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An Introduction

#   Title

6—A contagious song

5—Make my life a poem, Lord!

4—This Writer’s Goal

3—Why Write?

2—By words, please.


# 6

A contagious song


Oh, to be like a contagious song—

a melody of peace that brings people

into relationships of rescue

and offerings of faith


meeting Jesus

finding worth and meaning

harmonizing with love

and sharing the song





©2020 gratefulsue

# 5

Make my life a poem, Lord!


Make my life a poem, Lord!

            One which inspires and moves

The hearts of readers near and far—

            This world, to serve and improve.


Make my life a flower, Lord!

            Though fleeting I may be.

Bright with color, joy and wonder,

            Reflecting your creativity.


Make my life a painting, Lord!

            One longs to enter in—

For contemplation, restoration,

            Remembering where to begin.


Make my life a candle, Lord!

            For someone in the dark,

Lighting the path of truth and life  1.

            And loving with all my heart.



1.  John 14:6



© 2018 gratefulsue 

# 4


This Writer’s Goal


To write what You want me to write.

            Not a word out of place,

                        Not with self-confidence,


But, trusting in You to shed light.

            Of malice or pride, not a trace.

                        Of Yours, and not my own sense.


Tone and diction can be wrong or right.

            Like an expression on a face,

                        Error has no recompense.




(C) 2015 gratefulsue


# 3


Why Write?


Why write?

Why not?

You and I have

learned a lot!


You share, and

I believe.

Words can, my

doubts relieve.


I share, and

you can see,

how our God has

worked on me.


He gives hope

amidst the pain.

Peace and joy,

eternal gain.


Some of us

just must express

our wonder, tears,

our thankfulness.




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 2


By words, please.


Wandering words

Thoughts occurred

Fears assured—


Heart cries

Agony sighs

Reason whys—


Visual glee

Life I see

Reason to be—


Moments, these

To capture, freeze

Opportunity, seize—


By words, please.




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1




great…who He has always been

sue…who I have always been

full…of His forgiveness.  Wow!

gratefulsue…who I am now




 (C) 2015 gratefulsue