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Character of God

#   Title

5—He is in the Mercy

4—Auspicious Surprises

3— Not Much Like Me

2— He Is

1— The One Who Does Not Change

# 5

He is in the Mercy


When all seems dark and dreary,

when God seems far away,

when man is deep in misery,

God’s mercy comes in play.                     


When Satan wins the battles,

and death comes with a roar,

for those who look with faith,

grace and mercy are in store.      


He comforts with compassion,

brings answered prayer’s relief,

gives hope through odd surprises, 

sends peace to those in grief.


Yes, He is in the mercy,

be it quiet, still or small.

His tender mercies come,   1.                        

to His child He loves in all.



1.   Lamentations 3:21-23  NKJV




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 4


Auspicious Surprises


When I don’t want to pray in bed

But, would rather be “brain dead,”


Seems I’m looking for an escape.

            Life’s too complicated to contemplate.


Turn off disappointments, questions,

            Melt away my pained expressions.


Forget what I do and don’t know…

            God sees the path where tomorrow goes.


Though I feel spent, He does not pine.

            He loves me, guides me, guards what is mine.


Though endless frailties invade my night,

            His gracious mercies make the next day alright.


Divine auspicious surprises I see…

            Gracious mercies:  loving-kindness toward me.




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 3


Not Much Like Me


Higher than all my ways  1.

Longer than all my days

Deeper than any thought


More pure than refined gold

More than a lion, bold

His deathsinners bought


Like me with skin and tears

And yet, no doubts or fears

Blessed with forever years


All beginningsin He goes

All endings—yes, He knows

Eternally—His work shows


God to earth came down

My life then turned around

New life through Jesus—found.


1.    Isaiah 55:9



10/ 22/ 04

(C) 2015 gratefulsue


# 2


He Is

(A Song)


Men:                                                   Women:


Hallelujah…                                        Hallelujah…


Hallelujah…                                        Hallelujah!


He’s all powerful…                              He can!


He’s all goodness…                            He would!


He’s all wisdom…                               (All) He knows if He will or He should.


He’s all patient…                                 He waits!


He’s all loving…                                  He cares!


He’s all present…                                (All) It’s true! Our God always is there.


He’s not evil…                                     Praise God!


He’s not cowardly…                             Amen!


He’s the same…                                  (All) Jesus Christ is our God, now as then!


Hallelujah…                                          Hallelujah…


Hallelujah…                                          Hallelujah…


Hallelujah…                                          Hallelujah…


Hallelujah…                                          (All) A—men.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1

The One Who Does Not Change

(A Song)


Sometimes I fail to gaze at You

     and rest my mind there, too.

Instead I stare at earthly cares,

     and let them rule what I do.

But, that’s not how I’m meant to be,

     You came to set me free.

Forgive me, Lord, when I can’t see

      My life in light of eternity!


                 Praise His blessed name,

                 The One who does not change.

                 And, love Him, all people.


Your faithfulness is like a mother’s

     love for her home.

Your goodness—pure as a mountain stream,

     giving life to its own.

Your holiness—beyond compare;

     deitytrue and fair.

Your sovereignty amazes me.

     You manage all eternity.


                  Praise His blessed name,

                  The One who does not change.

                  And, love Him, all people.




(C) 2015 gratefulsue