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Contentment Musings

#   Title

9—Hope for Busy Women

8—Worn Out Welcome

7—Here is Where I Live

6—Extraordinary Life

5—No Son Today


3—If Only...

2—Unsure Places


# 9

Hope for Busy Women



I have the motivation and the energy, but I don’t have the time!



I have the time, but I don’t have the motivation or the energy!



Hallelujah! I have the time, motivation, and energy I need! 

(... only happens about once every six months.)


But, rather—

I see an open “door of opportunity” from the Lord.


I walk through that door—

“...we live by faith, not by sight.” 1.


And I apply—

“She did what she could.” 2.



1.  2 Corinthians 5:7

2.  Mark 14:8-9





© 2017 gratefulsue

# 8


Worn-out Welcome


The Why-dids and What-ifs

            are my long-time guests.

They stay at my house;

            they ne’er seem to rest.


I invited them over

            a long time ago.

I feed them like kings;

             I hear all they know.


If ever one pauses,

            the other still chatters.

Whether I seem disinterested,

            seems not to matter.


Would someone please tell them

            their welcome has ended?

I regret the day I

            those whiners befriended.


If  Why-dids or What-ifs

            should visit your home

Don’t welcome or feed them…

            not even a bone!





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 7


Here Is Where I Live


Why do I sometimes wish

            for lives I do not have?

Dreams which cannot happen, and

            more choices, good or bad?


Because I know my body

            won’t outlast all my ambitions.

The temporal clock is ticking and

            will quit—despite planned missions.


“Eternity in my heart” is the 1.

            way God has explained it…

A will to live forever,

            “do it all” and then contain it.


But here is where I live, and

            what I have is His provision.

So, how I live and love reveals

            my single, or double-vision. 2.



1.   Ecclesiastes 3:11

2.   James 1:8




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 6


Extraordinary Life


Life is so ordinary,

People live and work and die.

We get up, do our daily chores,

We laugh, we dream, we sigh.


We fix our meals and eat them.

Just to do the same again.

We pick-up, clean-up, wash-up—

We go to bed, and then…


The next day is the same

With variations—only slightly.

Even when our load is easy

The thirst for more comes nightly. 1.


Is “survival” or else “happiness”

The sum of our life’s worth?

Not so for all who experience

The miracle of second birth. 2.


We know that by His grace

He makes the ordinary—extra. 3.

And through our praise of Him in trials

The angels sing, “Hallelujah!” 


We may not win a battle,

Save the world, or dine with kings,

But “godliness with contentment” 4.

Reveals the “life and peace” Jesus brings. 5.


1.   Ecclesiastes 2:23

2.   John 3:3

3.   Ephesians 3:20-21

4.   1 Timothy 6:6

5.   Romans 8:6




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

#  5


No Son Today


Daily grind

Mental bind

Common day

Ordinary way.


                        Heart in the heavens

                        But feet on earth

                        Seems to quench

                        My fire of mirth.


In work, play

No Son today.

Time is pain



                        A bird in a snare

                        My soul is not free.

                        Peace and joy—lost keys

                        To gain my liberty.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 4




Little Susie-Q loves to play kickball.

She builds tree forts and makes her daddy smile.

Susie-Q doesn’t like school very much, but

     girls aren’t supposed to be smart anyway.

She’s happy being “one of the gang.”


Tomboy Sue is growing up.

Girls aren’t supposed to have cuts and bruises.

“Kevin told me I’m cute, Mom. Am I old enough

     to start wearing a bra?”

Sue is learning about boys, but has she “grown-up”

     enough to understand her parents’ divorce?


Now cheerleader Sue has snared a “steady” boyfriend.

(Cheerleaders always were supposed to be pretty.)

He plays football—of course—but, who can object

     to a guy who calls you every night and

     carries your books in school?


Susan goes off to college with a new lover.

He studies engineering; she wants to be an accountant.

They spend nights together sharing fears.

They talk about getting married—but,

     Susan doesn’t want to “settle down” yet.


My name is Susan, but…by the way,

     who am I supposed to be now?




Converted Sue is married; a different beau than years ago.

Morality replaced carnality;  conviction overtook experiences;

     a “calling” versus a career.

Her Lord knows where she goes from here.

     Direction—instead of desperation.




Body:  prior to 1977

Revised: 3/26/96, 8/25/12

(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 3


If Only...


If the thing which you had longed for            

            seems to lose its great appeal

            once it enters in your doorway and

            you’ve forgotten your past zeal—


If it doesn’t look so flashy

            after all, its not “just right,”

            then you’ve got the dreaded disease

            of “if only” and “not quite.”


“If only it was this way…”

            “No, its not quite right…”

            “Gee, it isn’t perfect…”

            --all signs of the cursed blight.


This disease never improves

            or goes away just on its own.

            It infects the eyes, the heart, the mind—

            these facts are widely known.


This world will never be perfect

            so, why waste time you can’t afford—

            wishing and day-dreaming versus

            practicing trust in the Lord?


He knows all that you need.

            He knows this world won’t satisfy.

            So, to avoid the “If only” disease—

            rest in God, in what He provides.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 2


Unsure Places


A step of faith—

            each day,

            each hour…

My Father leads me

            to many unsure places.


Yes, He knows—

            my needs,

            my desires…

His ways are not

            my ways.


His character is good—

            his wisdom,

            still a mystery…

Trust Him,

            and wait.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1




Acclaim, achievement, advantage—

     swift undercurrents all,

     which used to sweep me away,

     troubling the waters

     of my wandering heart.


Now there are calm waters—

     no angry tides attacking

     the shores of life’s temptations.

     Rather, gentle ripples unraveling

     into the inlets and beaches of being.


Enjoying the currents and wind and rain—

     content that my Creator will

     cradle my sea of hopes.

     Drinking in the sun and sky

     and birds and beauty.


Don’t fight the wind or wake or weather—

     the Lord is my destination.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue