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Contentment Prayers

#   Title

12—Dear God


10—A Surrendered Life

9—To Be Happy

8—Oh Lord, Make Me Like Joseph

7—Resolution – Now!

6—Bogus Dreams

5—Wherever You Lead


3—Waiting and Wondering

2—For Vanity

1—The Day Ahead

# 12

Dear God,


Help me to be the best me I can be for the rest of my life. Not the best Billy Graham, or the best Ruth Graham that I can be. They each had (or have) their own calling and anointing by God. But I am not they, neither are they me. Only I can walk the path God has set out for me. 1. Only I can love my children in the unique way that I, as their mother, should. Only I can fulfill the vision and mission you have planned for me relative to the gifts you have given me and the people and opportunities presented to me each day. Only I can glorify your son, Jesus, in my actions, words, thoughts, and prayers, as this body you have given me lives each day. No one else can do it for me. Neither can I, if my fears, frustrations, or passivity should gain the upper hand.

And when you take back the breath you gave me on my first day of my life; when you call my spirit to come back to you again, may the imprint of my life upon this world I have left behind be one of love, listening, graciousness, laughter, steadfastness to my calling, and trust in You. Amen.


1. John 21:22




© 2018 gratefulsue

# 11




Somewhere in a novel,

            or, in a poem or dream—

                        my heart is free.


Here in reality, bothered,

            I strive and scheme—

                        and try to find me.


In one land: “happy endings,”

            fulfilled callings—

                        “dreams come true.”


In the other: relationship mendings,

            children calling—

                        smiles, too few.


I am a common somebody.

            not Amy Carmichael—

                        nor Cinderella.


Like most, I have a home,

            a job, a hobby,

                        kids and a fella.


Dreams can be traps

            of discontent—

                        which overpower me.


Prayers are wings

            which at that moment—

                        can release me.


Fly away…




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 10


A Surrendered Life


Dear Lord,


            So many conflicting emotions—all very strong.  How do I hold

on to your peace?  How do I go on?  I want time for myself.  Not just

a day, but years and more…to get things done, to enjoy life, find out

what I was made for.


            My children also want my time: to pour out bowls of love.  To

listen,  play and to provide those things which they dream of.  My hus-

band wants a caring wife, with time to meet his needs.  Cook and clean

and teach home school and follow where he leads.  My relatives demand

 as well.  “Please act as we expect.  Come and see us, write and call,

 and take the antiques we collect.”


             Don’t spend money, give or take, for family, friends or self.

 Circumstances ask me to please put my emotions on the shelf.  The

 ticking clock is ever cruel.  Never will it relent.  My body is no longer

 young.  It will quite soon be spent.


            A friend once said that I need pray to “accept an unfamous life.” 1.

No flashy accomplishments, job or friends.  This charge cuts like a knife.

It is my pride which makes me sad:  ambitions not endeavored.  My

exalted hopes for self aggrandizement, along the way were surrendered.

Now here I am, no dreams in view.  Just trying to save today, from

pessimism, disappointment, fears that won’t go away.


            Lord, give me strength, and show me hope, Your power, though

I am weak…Living waters to pour out, the words of life to speak.  A

simple, quiet, content life—free of my plans and screams, can show the

Master and my world…I live to fulfill His dreams.


1.   Audio tapes on Contentment, Elizabeth Elliot




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 9


To Be Happy


Lord, I want to be happy.

Is that too much to ask?

I want to love my husband

Unselfishly—no small task.


I want to hear more laughter

And see much kinder deeds

Coming from my children.

A happier home, if you please.


I want to be filled with Your Spirit

All day long, without any break.

I want to know what to do—

And then do it—for Christ’s sake.


Lord, I want more joy

From giving more than I receive;

Loving others, obeying you—

Will prove what I believe.


Lord, I want to be happy

Knowing I am in Your will—

Harvesting every good deed  

Which awaits me to fulfill. 1.


Lord, I want my “wants”

To be loosely held in hand.

Contentment, yet with hope—

Not resignation—would be grand!


1.   Ephesians 2:10




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 8


Oh Lord, Make Me Like Joseph


Lord, forgive me for my “hunting”

When my mind should be at rest.

I fall into double-mindedness

Whenever I feel stressed.


I flip through files of “might have been”

And ponder past decisions.

I rearrange life’s past events

Or, covet future visions.


I fail to focus on today

And loved ones I can touch.

I waste time hunting answers to

Questions which don’t matter much.


Oh Lord, make me like Joseph

Who accepted all his trials,

Believed his God was in control

Of people, years and miles. 1.


He did not strive, or manipulate

To change His circumstances

Yet, Joseph was, of Jacob’s tree,

The strongest of the branches.


Though I may not end up like he—

With joys exceeding tears,

Your word says You work for my good. 2.

May trust replace my fears.


1.    Genesis 50:15-21

2.    Romans 8:28




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 7


Resolution – Now!


Those points narrowly missed—

The ball that was not caught—

The championship out of reach—

The contest, in vain we fought—


The unwelcome grade school transfer—

The move we came to regret—

That person who mistreated us,

Or, failed to pay his debt—


The untimely loss of a job, or

A promotion for which we heard, “No.”

The child we always wanted, but

It’s arrival alluded us so—


That one we always loved, yet

Our love was not returned—or,

Our love was shared, then lost!

Never regained, only spurned—


That illness we knew would pass—

Yet, healing never came—

That loved one who was taken

And we never were the same—


These are the griefs we share—

Our times past—filled with pain.

Tender spots in our hearts—

Memories which haunt our brains.


It’s not for us to understand,

Explain, each cross we bear—

They come that we may grow in grace,

Humility, and comfort to share.


Lord, help us to accept that,

“Resolution—now!” cannot be.

“The end is better than the beginning.” 1.

And, in the end, we all will see.


1.   Ecclesiastes 7:8



(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 6


Bogus Dreams


A life-escape

When I am not awake


They are energy wasters

And unreality tasters


Loved ones are betrayed

Family is remade


To a forbidden place I fly

To watch prudence and respect die


Scenes which I know must not be

Are like addicting wine to me


Waking up a cruel trick

Dreams’ utopia doesn’t stick


Rescue me from my dreams, Lord

May this life be embraced, adored


Not for days devoid of pain

But for your plan of eternal gain


Sleep is friend, but dreams are foe

If by them I leave God’s will that I know





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 5


Wherever You Lead

        (A chorus)


I’ll follow You, Lord

            Wherever You lead

I don’t have to know where

            I’ll end, just believe!


For right are Your ways

            And faithful Your love


            The Magnificent One!





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 4




My ungratefulness--



                        Then peaceful bliss—

                                    The Spirit’s kiss…


                                                Thank you.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 3


Waiting and Wondering


Where You have me is Your will—

            when my prayers for change

                        go unanswered.

Where You have me is the best plan—

            though I may not understand why.


Once again, I’ll remember Your love for me—

            once again… Your sovereignty.

Once again, put my trust in the Master

            I’ll rest while I wait—

                        enjoy what I can.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 2 


For Vanity


For vanity would I be thrown

Within the depths of fears I’ve known.

‘Tis idleness and worthless wander

When I succumb to futile ponder.


“What will, tomorrow?  Why for, yesterday?”

Or, “Cherish the moment and pray let me stay!”

Forever dissatisfied-- my earthly song.

O God, may Thou graciously forgive this wrong.


Thine is the order of men and of days.

Thy wisdom directing each hour of my way.

If  “Thine is the kingdom, and power and glory,” 1.

How can I but rest in Thy plan for my story?”


1.   Matthew 6:13




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1


The Day Ahead


Tired and achy

Longing for rest,

Yet, for the day ahead

You will test—


My trust in Your strength,

My will to refrain

From negative thoughts,

Selfishness and complain.


Take time for thanksgiving,

Oh heart, sing His praise—

With patience, His Spirit

Will my spirit raise.





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(C) 2015 gratefulsue