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Love and Marriage

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14—"Born again," again! 

13—All We Didn’t Do

12—Hope Renewed

11—Communication Gap

10—Roller-coaster Ride

9—Looking Ahead

8—When Will I?

7—Are You Sure?

6—The Seedling

5—Love’s Fears



2—Illusory Love

1—What is Love?

# 14

“Born again,” again!


            Honey, you were “born again,” 1.  again!   You were “born again,” 1.  again!

            And, your second, “second birth” 2.  was even more beautiful than the first.

            For, the truths learned at the start—now touched your heart.


You truly changed your mind.  Not a sweeter man could I find.

Compassion and concern came from your heart.

Your brokenness brought life; a new reason for your fight.

You had wounds to mend, forgiveness to impart.


Your prayers were for your friends, not for selfish wants or ends.

Every day you prayed with love for all in need.

Gratitude became your theme; patience—a player on your team.

Gentle words became the fiber of your creed.


            Honey, you were “born again,” 1.  again!   You were “born again,” 1.  again!

            And, your second, “second birth” 2.  was even more beautiful than the first.

            For, the truths learned at the start—now touched your heart.


There was no more place to hide.   God broke through fears, hurts and pride.

And your greatest trial became your greatest friend!

Though we’re sad you had to go, you left us the peace you’d come to know.

The flower of suff’ring gave your life a fragrant end.


            Although the timing seemed quite slow... (mysteries are tough to know)

            God’s miracles and “higher ways” 3.   deserve my praise!


            Honey, you were “born again,” 1.  again!   You were “born again,” 1.  again!

            And, your second, “second birth” 2.  was even more beautiful than the first.

            For, the truths learned at the start—now touched your heart.



1.   John 3:7

2.   John 3:4-6

3.   Isaiah 55:9




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(For David, who became a different man after his diagnosis of terminal brain cancer one year 

ago.  Happy, what would have been our 30th, anniversary.)  

# 13

All We Didn’t Do


We said harsh words, but

            we didn’t neglect to apologize.


We got very angry, but

            we didn’t hate each other.


We had our power struggles, but

            we didn’t always have to “win.”


We sometimes felt lonely, but

            we didn’t abandon each other.


We were often disappointed, but

            we didn’t file for divorce.


We were too busy, but

            we didn’t stop going on dates.


We saw our definition of love change, but

            we didn’t discard saying, “I love you.”


We were sometimes hurt and misunderstood, but

            we didn’t withhold a kiss or a hug.


We went to bed at different times, but

            we didn’t leave out praying together before bed.


We had different philosophies of childrearing, but

            we didn’t miss out on having wonderful kids.


We had our own “important” agendas, but

            we didn’t disregard our promise to love and serve one another.


We were average people with some stubborn weaknesses, but

            we didn’t forget God could use us anyway, to bless others.


We sometimes faced walls of impossible trials, but

            we didn’t fail to see our Lord make a pathway over them.


We had 29 years of weathering a somewhat stormy marriage, but

            we didn’t give up.


Some might say, we “didn’t do enough,” but

            I say, “All we didn’t do, was enough.”





(C) 2015, 2019 gratefulsue

(For David, on Valentine's Day)


# 12

Hope Renewed


Truth once obscured, whispers then speaks—

Sheds its light on all it may reach.

Truth whispers, then shines, then speaks.  1.


New life, new wife, new faith, new me—

Listening and caring, fresh eyes to see.

New life, new wife, new me.


New husband, new focus, new humble heart—

Captive set free, brings a fresh start.  2.

New husband, new focus, new heart.


Same bodies, same vows, same Lord, same name—

Different mindsets, entirely new game.

Same vows, same Lord, same name.


Wrong thinking changed, new insight gained —   

Right definitions, emotions explained.

Right thinking and insight, gained.


Hope restored, repaired, renewed—

When true spirituality comes in view.  3.

Hope restored, renewed.



1.  John 8:32 

2.  Luke 4:18

3.  Galatians 5:6b




revised 11/3/12, 8/29/15

(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 11

Communication Gap


Defensive man—

Put up walls, as fast as I can

God’s man—I think I am

(Stubborn pride, ugly monogram)

My blinders, your reminders.


Sabotage man—

Ruins plans he can’t understand

He’s the trouble

(Don’t burst my bubble)

No re-discussion without repercussion.


Critical gal—

(Not your favorite pal,)

You know our favorite song—

“I’m right.  You’re wrong.”

No love potion with this notion.





revised 9/8/15

(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 10


Roller-Coaster Ride


One day I’m happy—

            The next day I’m not.

Today, “I’m in-love!”

            Tomorrow, “I’m caught!”


Some days I’m unselfish

            In actions and mood.

Most days I’m too critical,

            Angry and rude.


Some days he’s a “saint”—

            Straight from God above.

Some days he’s a hindrance

            To what I’m thinking of.


Focusing on self

            Makes my “loved one” a curse!

If I keep this up,

            Things will get much worse!


Live by the Spirit!

            Let Him smooth the ride.

His love has no limits—

            Just let Him provide.




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 9


Looking Ahead


Oh what joy—in days ahead,

A Christian couple—soon to be wed!


A life of “oneness” will shortly start,

One mission from one home, one heart.


Yet, still individuals.  Each God’s tool—

To further Christlikeness in the marriage school.


Love when there is passion, love when there is not…

Jesus, the great lover, will supply your needs a lot.  





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 8


When Will I?


Oh my beloved—who does love me so,

            I need you much more than my actions show.


I remember our courtship—you were to me,

            God’s choice for my life.  It was plain to see.


Oh my beloved—of my every thought,

            when will I love you as I know I ought?


When will I focus on God’s precious gift?

            On God’s perfect will—without question or shift?


Oh my beloved—I need to be taught

            the kind of true giving which Jesus’ death bought.


When will I thank God for you without pause?

            Not take you for granted?  Not focus on flaws?


Oh my beloved—who fills all my dreams,

            You are quite patient with me—so it seems.


Fill me up Jesus—with power from above,

            which pours forth grace, God’s kindness and love!




Revised 10/31/93

(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 7


Are You Sure?


I can’t believe you love me!

            Are you sure you feel okay?

Do you mean, “I want you only”?

            Are you sure your love will stay?


Heaven knows how you could care for

            Such a sinful one as me!

It’s nice to have all this attention, but

            Perhaps I had best set you free.


You’re bound for much frustration

            Yes, you’re bound to come awake.

You’re bound to turn away, and

            Yes, bound—my heart to break!


I pray that I am wrong,

            That your love will be steadfast.

Help me to believe that

            All your promises will last!


I have so little faith

            That your love, indeed is true—

That you will love without return—

            Love, in spite of what I do.


How much I want to trust you,

            Although I am unsure.

Hour by hour and day by day

            I’ll see if your “true love” is pure.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 6


The Seedling


Temperature’s rising

            The sun is coming out—

Clouds are dispersing

            As morning shouts!


Beware of all doubt

            As light comes in view.

Signs of life glisten

            From under the dew.


Oh come high noon,

            With all glory and splendor!

Then, when night slips away

            I will surely remember—


The groanings and whispers

            Of times yet unknown—

Fade quickly as soon as

            Love’s seed is full-grown.





revised 10/4/05 

(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 5


Love’s Fears



            Am I in-love?

                        Or, in-love with love?

            Is this the man

                        I’ve been dreaming of?



            Is this just a mood?

                        Am I being shrewd?

            Do I truly care?

                        Can (my entire life) I joyfully share?



            Will I fail true love’s test:

                        Not give my best…

            Not be dependable…

                        Not love in full?



            True love doesn’t give up

                        Even if I mess up.

            Time will befriend me,

                        Through trials, perhaps free me.



            I’ll come out for the better

                        Even if love doesn’t weather—

            But, tell me, treasured one,

                        With you, has “forever” begun?





revised 10/10/93, 10/4/05

(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 4




Planted firmly in mid-air

            Two love-sick courters go.

Holding only on to Jesus—

            The path which He will show.


Appreciate each moment,

            The joy of every stage.

Do not worry o’er the ‘morrow.

            Do not rush to turn the page.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 3




“Games” played—

            Roulette arrayed

                        With hurts and fears and futures. 


On “lovely” nights

            In quiet mind-fights

                        To care, to live, to hope…


Two jokers. WILD!

            Passions of a child—

                        Stubborn, scheming, alone.


Adulthood vetoed.

            Longings untold.

                        Waiting, fearful, disappointed.


Yes, dating games played—

            Our image maintained…

                        So sad, social suicide.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 2


Illusory Love


With only romance

            I take a chance

                        By living in a dream world.


If I should awake

            I would surely quake

                        From problems in the real world.


With only fun

            My heart’s still not won.

                        Activity has to cease.


If outings ne’er stop,

            Communication’s a flop!

                        And then how would two find peace?


Should I wait for that feeling

            (To my flesh appealing)?

                        Those sparks of “electricity?”


Media says, “It’s great!”

            But, I fear it’s just bait

                        For illusory love that will flee.


Well now, what is love,

            If not led from above?

                        He will always make my way straight.


I’ll trust time and testing,

            And common sense resting,

                        In God, instead of fate.




revised 3/30/02 

(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1


What is Love?


What is love?

How does it start and sustain?

Who can tell me, please—

Will someone explain?


My Jesus knows!

Through His Word I can see

All He intends

For you and for me.


Love is a choice of heart and mind,

A life-long promise to be—

Eyes wide open, ears in tune,

And tongue of humility.


To see fortune and failure,

Without pride or despair.

To be honest and tender,

With utmost care.


To forget myself,

To believe in you—

Is to cultivate trust

Between us two.


The best friend I can be

Is when God loves through me—

Unfailing strength

Comes from above.


Ever listening for needs,

Not replies or good deeds—

Gracious giving

Is truly love.





Revised 10/2/93

(C) 2015 gratefulsue