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13—Water of Life

12—Truth's Friends


10—Everywhere, Always

9—The Holy Spirit Goes

8—Who Is He?

7—Free Gift

6—The Reason For It All

5—Consequences and Cure

4—Final Chapters




# 13

Water of Life

(a song)


What ere was written long ago

            has stood the test of time.

Past praises penned for Christ our King 1.

            will endure longer than mine.


I only bring one song of praise,

            one voice among the throng.

Yet still, I’ll write of “the water of life” 2.  

            freely given, all the day long!


Where else can I go? From whom may I learn

            “the way the truth and the life”? 3.

The way of repentance? Forgiveness? Acceptance?

             Rescue from eternal strife?


He died in my place, my curse to take, 4.

            His life in exchange for mine!

Then rose from the dead to prove He is God 5.

            and fulfill prophetic signs. 6.


This Lion of Judah,7. Messiah, and Lord,

            this Son of God divine—

Came to give me eternal life!

            “I am His, and He is mine!” 8.


All you who are searching, all you who are lost,

             believe in the Savior today! 9.

Worth every sacrifice, more than enough,

            He is worthy! Come, I pray! 10.                      



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8. From, “I am His, and He Is Mine” by George W. Robinson, 1876, Public Domain

9. Matthew 7:7-8, Luke 19:10, John 1:12-13

10. John 3:14-17, Numbers 21:4-8, Revelation 5:9-14




4/12/20 Easter day

© 2020 gratefulsue

# 12

Truth’s friends


“The truth will make you free,”  1. Jesus said.

            Yes, of course, he’s right.

But, some truth is painful and ugly,

            and signals entering a fight.

Like a cancer now exposed,

            I would prefer that fact, untrue. 

Life as usual, though false, I miss.

            Then, I knew what to do.

The truth sometimes has strange friends—

            confusion, silence, or shame.

Sometimes anger or fear, even death.

            Perhaps, loathing a name.

But one friend is beautiful, helpful, warm,

            a gift—necessary as sight.

Where blindness had ruled and darkness laughed,

            the truth brings us light.


1.  John 8:32




© 2018 gratefulsue

# 11



I keep looking at his sin and thinking,

            “How can I

                        EVER forgive THIS?”


I keep thinking about the audacity,

            with outrage.

                        Betrayal with a kiss. 1.


Lies and more lies. Deep wounds

            inflicted, intentionally.

                        Multiple injuries—bleeding.


I might have reduced the suffering...

            but, now it’s too late

                        to hear silent pleading.


Sins of selfishness against his peers,

            against his loved ones—

                        who blindly trusted.


But now, I can see. And now,

            I know. Now,

                        I’m just disgusted.


Here in my corner of anger and judgment,

            along with sadness,

                        revenge is a treat.


Gulping unforgiveness quenches

            my thirst for payback, 2.

                        and tastes sweet.


Yet, I know this drink is poison.

            Not life-giving 3.

                        (although addicting).


Somehow, I must heed my Savior’s bidding

            and take the antidote

                        He’s mixing.


Open up my will, not just my head.

            And learn from Him who saw

                        great wrong and pain.


He was offended and abused by

            so much more than I—

                        yet, He saw gain...


By loving the offenders,

            dying for them,

                        (and for me).


He also loved the victims—

            both captives and captors,

                        whom He came to free. 4.


He is my example.5.  How to forgive?

            I must love more—

                        love from my heart. 6.


I can choose today to have mercy 7.

            toward the offender.

                        And, that’s a good start.



1.  Luke 22:48

2.  Romans 12:19

3.  Ephesians 4: 26, 31

4.  Luke 4:18

5.  Luke 23:34

6.  Mark 12:30-31, 1 Cor. 13:4-7

7.  Matthew 18: 32-33




© 2017 gratefulsue

# 10

Everywhere, Always


The simple things

            and beautiful,

                        the things that turn out right,


The closest friends

            and family

                        who’ll meet you in the night,


The sunny days

            and cloudy,

                        I send—to make you grow,


These things all      

            come from Me         

                        My child, don’t you know?


I loved you    

            at your birth, and

                        when you skinned your knee.


I loved you

            in high school,

                        and beyond... can’t you see?


I led you

            through dark caverns,

                        to help you to look for light.


And when you

            saw the sunrise,

                        Your future became bright.


I saved you

            when you called Me, 1.

                        then I said I wouldn’t leave. 2.


I’m still with you

            everywhere, always—  3.

                        That’s a promise to believe.



1.  Romans 10:13

2.  Hebrews 13:5

3.  Romans 8:35-39  





© 2017 gratefulsue


(for Jeff)      

#  9


The Holy Spirit Goes


Our adversary never sleeps

But plans attacks of woes.

Yet, where all seems dark and cold,

God’s Holy Spirit goes.


Like sunshine in the winter,

Or, signs of spring in snow,

The saints can see the path

Where God’s Holy Spirit goes.


For He brings life from death…

Answers prayers God only knows.

Where miracles and grace appear—

God’s Holy Spirit goes.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 8


Who Is He?


“Have you trusted Him, for your sins to clean?

On Him—for salvation—did you wholly lean?”


            “Oh yes, I tried that long ago.

            Although, it did not work, you know.”


“Did you believe Him to be divine?”


            “Oh no, he’s just of the human kind.

            The Son of God; a teacher—yes,

            At most a prophet…I guess.”


“Information error! You are lacking much.

He is not just a man, a pundit or crutch.

Change your mind about Him—that’s the key.                                           

Believe He is who He claimed to be.” 1.


“Look at the evidence, then decide.

You had not all the facts!” I cried

“He bore our transgressions.  How could that be…

If regarding sin, He was also guilty?”


“Do you not know men called Him, ‘Lord’?

He accepted worship from the ones who adored.

He forgave sins!  He rose from the dead!

Jesus claimed to be God!”  I said.


                        “Hmmm.  I will think on this new slant.

                        If you are right,  I must recant.”


“You have not the Father lest you know His Son.” 2.

“On this critical point, true salvation is begun.”



1.   John 8:24 and John 20:27-29

2.   1 John 2:23




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 7


Free Gift


“ ’Tis free!” said the merchant, with winking eye—

“Buy this, and get that…for free!”


“ ’Tis free!” said the Savior—“Forgiveness of sin.

Take the gift which I purchased for Thee.”


One’s free, one isn’t. The difference is plain.

You tell me whose offer you’d rather obtain.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 6


The Reason For It All

(a song)


Easter bonnets are for little girls,

Colored eggs for the kids to run and find.

Easter lilies brighten up the hall

But, my Jesus is the reason for it all.


            He is God, and

                        That’s who He claimed to be. 1.

            Not just a man

                         Who appeared in history.

            He arose from the grave

                        And death’s cold grasp.

            He’s ALIVE! 2.

                        And He offers life that lasts…  


We sing lovely songs and hymns at church

That make us feel so close to God above.

We wear new clothes we bought just for today—

But, is Easter more than just a holiday?


            He is God, and

                        That’s who He claimed to be. 1.

            Not just a man

                         Who appeared in history.

            He arose from the grave

                        And death’s cold grasp.

            He’s ALIVE! 2.

                        And He offers life that lasts…   


All you need is to come to Him in faith.

Trust in Him, and your sins He will erase.

Just decide if you think His claims are true

Then accept the gift which Jesus bought for you.


            He is God, and

                        That’s who He claimed to be. 1.

            Not just a man

                         Who appeared in history.

            He arose from the grave

                        And death’s cold grasp. 

            He’s ALIVE! 2.

                        And He offers life that lasts…  



1.   John 10:25-33

2.   Revelation 1:18




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 5


The Fall—Consequences and Cure


God allows our tears to come

For He knows the source is from

A perfect garden long ago:

Man and woman first said, ”No.”


“No” to trusting their Father’s care,

Wisdom, protection, provisions fair.

What they sowed is what we reap—

The price of independence...steep!


Toil, disunity, distance, fear,

Tell the story year after year.

“Turn from self, back to God,

Before you leave this earthly sod!”





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 4


Final Chapters

Revelation 21 & 22

(a song)


            “Behold, I’m coming soon!

            Behold, I’m coming soon!

            My reward is with me.


            And I will give…to everyone

            According…to what he’s done.

            I am Alpha, Omega!” 1.


Our Father, says “Now,

The dwelling of God is with men,

And He will live with them.” 2.


“The old has passed.

I am making all new.

There will be no more death,

Or, pain for you!” 3.


            “Behold, I’m coming soon!

            Behold, I’m coming soon!

            My reward is with me.


            And I will give…to everyone

            According…to what he’s done.

            I am Alpha, Omega!” 1.


The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

Let him who hears say, “Come!” 4.


“Come!  Come! 


Come, Lord Jesus!!” 5.


1.   Revelation 22:12-13

2.   Revelation 21:3

3.   Revelation 21:4-5

4.   Revelation  22:17

5.   Revelation 22:20




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 3




God in the flesh

To earth come down.

Arrives as a baby

The world to astound.


Grows up to manhood

To be like us all,

Yet never stoops to

The sin of the “fall.”


The Son of the Father,

Savior and God.

Our friend and example

Judge and rod.


Man of miracles

Wisdom divine—

Of inspiration and

Supernatural signs.


How could you come

As a tiny child?

How could a king be

So gentle, so mild?


Humility mixed

With a royal task

Gave you honor,

Made your kingdom last.


Truth embodied

God let us see.

Yet, able to laugh,

To cry, to bleed.


Wonderful paradox:

This man is LORD.

Begging us choose:

Disbelieve or adore?





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 2




Mercy, compassion,

I sorely need.

Pity, forbearance,

My friends indeed.


Though some think I’m “good,”

Or, “good enough” now,

I know the standard

Before which I bow.


Awesome purity,

Blinding light,

Unwavering truth,

Goodness and right—


Is my Maker’s character…

His constant theme.

In view of His holiness,

How disgusting I seem!


Oh yes, I need mercy—

Reach for it in tears,

And humbly accept

That which consoles my fears.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1




Coming… the Rapture!  

Our Heavenly capture!

One day we’ll be here—

The next…disappear! 1.


Soon, I’ll see Jesus! 2.

God’s Son sin-freed us! 3.

He died for you too— 4.

Has He made your life new? 5.



1.   1 Thessalonians 4:17

2.   1 Corinthians 13:12

3.   Romans 6:22

4.   1 John 2:2

5.   2 Corinthians 5:17




(C) 2015 gratefulsue