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Eternal Perspective

#   Title

18—Empty Promise

17The Mistake

16—Losing Myself

15—Another World

14From Other Worlds

13—Presence is not Essence

12—Growing Old

11—A Slice of Time


9—Look Around

8—Citizenship Check


6—Victory O’er Death 

5—Ecclesiastes Empathy

4—O Happy Day!


2—Life and Death


# 18

Empty Promise

The trees have flipped their

            shadows in the yard


Rooms on the dark side of the house

are now lit up


The clock reverses its hands

            in empathy while


The earth pretends to be still.


I feel just the same as I did

            this morning and afternoon


Life will always be

            as it is right now


Time is an illusion

            The moment promises.


But, shadows don’t lie.




© 2019 gratefulsue

# 17

The Mistake


Who knew?


Mistakes are not supposed to be fatal


…but, in this case, it was.


A boy made a mistake. Just a boy. A good boy on the brink of living a good life in adulthood


…and a lady died.


It was just a mistake!


Just a moment of inattention? Or, distraction from his buddies? Just a moment of too much 

pressure on the gas pedal? Or, following too closely? Or, was it because the car in front of him 

slowed down too quickly and he crossed the center line to avoid an accident?  Whoops. 

Deafening noise. Head-on.



What just happened?


Can’t we please just re-wind time?


This isn’t supposed to happen to a good guy, to a good lady.


(May it only be one person who dies. Not two or three or four.)


Okay, maybe her real life is safe.

Yet, tragically, she still suffered an unexpected “early graduation” from this life to the next.


Many others are in “critical condition” Lord, either in body or emotions. Broken to the point of failure.


“Where were You, Lord?” he asks.


God is love.

God is love?


“Sometimes your love doesn’t feel very much like love,” he ponders.


“Even fatal mistakes are not truly ‘fatal.’

Your life is not even close to 'over,' in this life or the next.

Her life continues in another place.

Good things are possible, even after great adversity.”


It may take a while though

and a lot of courage to face the new day.


It may take a lot of energy –

waiting, living in the dark, grieving.


It may take a lot of questions –

and not a lot of answers.


Or, at least not the typical ones.


But answers are there to be found

and love is there to be uncovered

because God is there. And here.


One day, he will see again the Lord he served,

(who sees all and never left) but whom he now cannot see.





© 2019 gratefulsue


(...with a prayer for Jacob)

# 16

Losing Myself


I’m losing myself, little by little.

            Like water slipping out of a leaky pouch

                        One drip at a time

Soon I will be all gone.


But in the meantime

            I’m dealing with less of me.

                        Everyday. Reminders. Taunts.

I’m not who I once was.


It began with eyesight.

            Me? Need glasses? No way!

                        Okay. Way. I need them.

But, we have never become friends.


Then the gray hair.

            No! Already? Where’s the hair dye?!

                        Over and over, every month.

I’m tired of the lie. I’m just old.


Next, the body. Old and... what’s the word?

            I can’t think of it. Ya’ know...

                        When you’re not that healthy.

My mind is getting tired too.


Old and infirm. That’s the word!

            Five minutes later, the word shows up.

                        Less energy and what’s the word?

Clarity. No, that’s not it. Acuity.


Aches and pains. Join the club.

            What caused this problem?

                        Do I have cancer?

“Catastrophizing” at every opportunity.


Mourning. Every evening. Every morning.

            Come back former me!

                        Where did you go?

I’m sorry, if I offended you!


Somebody call the “waaambulance,”

            So I can “boohoo” for an hour.

                        Really? Is that really what I need?

Stop it. Just stop it and grow up!


Sure, aging is tough. Nobody likes it.

            It’s part of the curse. Inevitable.

                        Get over it. Be thankful I have today.

Lord, what do you want to teach me?


Or, how do you want to use me?

            To be a blessing? An example?

                        A... what’s the word? Oh, it doesn’t matter.

You know what I mean.





© 2018 gratefulsue

# 15

Another world


Slow, calming, melodious tones... they comfort and relax. Everything will be all right.

There is coming a better day! A better place, of beauty and rest.

Understanding. Being understood. Known and loved. Loving all.


Harmony. None out of tune. Almost magical. No rushing. No anxiety.

All the time in the world. Enjoyment. Pure character. No self in the way.

No comparisons, confusions, competitions, corruptions. Conniptions.


Gentle sun, and warm breezes, long walks by the water with the Savior.

Soothing sounds. Faith retires for sight. Finally, face to face.

Smiles, hugs, answers. Melancholy no more.


Those who never made it to adulthood, playing in the grass. Giggling, growing,

with Moms who never were, loving, caring, guiding. (Some people die too young.)

Fathers who never were much, now are. (Second chances.)


No disappointments this time around. Inclusive community. Fresh freedom.

Once separated families... made whole, and at peace. Fractures and frustrations, fixed.

Reunions, reconciliations, laughter, songs.


Meaningful work for a new kingdom, and a newly crowned king, who always was,

and is, and will be. Another world. Such a joy and a gift, to serve Him.

Everything in order, and amazing... neither bland nor boring.


I’m waiting, willing, wondering. When? Where? What... until then?

Trying to walk in faith every moment, every thought, every step... until then.

Straining to hear the music, to see around the corner, to the other side of life.


Sometimes that music drowns out the noise—today’s voices, and demands.

I’m not really here. I’m in another place. And, today just really doesn’t fit in.





© 2017 gratefulsue

# 14

From Other Worlds


What if there were other worlds and beings who could see—

we, who are but mortal stock, not blessed with invisibility?


What if they laughed at all our ways to get from here to there—

since they don’t need our cars or planes, but simply fly through the air?


What if they saw our weaknesses, short-sightedness, and fears

for what they are—just ignorance of what follows all our years?


Oh wait.  Guess what?  There are such ones who dwell in another world!

Silent observers of our journey—our faith and love, unfurled.


Oh, that we could see their work, gain insight from their gaze,

clearly see the hints or snares which lead us through life’s maze.


Angelic beings cannot force us to stay on the right trail.  1.

Nor demons, force us to forsake it.  Only by choices, we fail.  2.


Some may help us, others hurt, enlighten, tempt, or show.

God, help us see what they can see—the consequences they know.


1.   Hebrews 1:14

2.   1 Timothy 4:1





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 13


Presence is not Essence


Are you and I eternal?

My heart says it is so—

Because, it longs for you!

That is the way I know.


How could it cry and break

for one who is not here?

Why would I not forget, one

whose presence disappeared?


Presence is not essence…

though it did indeed bring pleasure.

Outer wrappings are the package.

what’s inside is the real treasure!


The real you is still living—

your personality and love,

have gone to our Heavenly Father.

Your soul is what I speak of.


And just as He is real—although,

I cannot see His face,

I’ll see you both when He tells me,

“You have finished your race.”





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(To Peter, Love Mallory)

# 12


Growing Old


Hard to be 50—

            Don’t you know?

Hard to grow old,

            Hard to let go.


Youth’s freedoms

            Shine, then fade.

Youth’s indiscretions…

            The price I paid.


Goals applauded

            In singlehood,

Are now abandoned—

            For my own good.


Serving others:

            My new pass-time…

A valid exchange, for

            Passing my prime.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 11


A Slice of Time


A slice of time, front to back,

            Is so small…an “afternoon snack,”


Compared to the banquet we will see,

            When we enter eternity.


Although that slice is thin and quick,

            It can be blessed, when your priorities stick.


Serve your Lord, and people, too.

            Faith in God—will see you through.


Know His Word.  Apply its truth.

            Love one another, like Naomi and Ruth.


If you marry, love your mate.

            Say, “I’m sorry.”  Pray, and wait.


If you don’t, love anyway—

            Or else, in bitterness, you will pay.


Close your eyes to others’ faults.

            Humble yourself.  Only Jesus, exalt.


Live like today is your last!

            You won’t regret it, once time has passed…





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 10





            Goes the clock.

                        Though I plead,

                                    It will not stop.

                                                All my dreams

                                                            And plans, it mocks.







(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 9


Look Around


It is not for me to bathe

            In beauty, joy or song.


But, I may sip a drop or two

            Of His goodness all the day long.


A young one’s hug, a cherished word,

            Wild flowers in my hand,


The Master’s love communicates

            To me—just as He planned.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 8


Citizenship Check


To all thy fallen heroes

     (save thy Lord),

          take up thy cross.


To all thy vain desires

     for earth’s rewards,

          take up thy cross.


To youth, health and beauty-

     “fair-weather friends,”

           take up thy cross.


To Cinderella’s story

     and how it ends,

          take up thy cross.


To wind and wave and fire

     Whose tempest cost,

          Take up thy cross.


To lovely things and times,

     to dreams now lost,

          take up thy cross.


For Him, my Lord and God,

     all is but dross.

          Take up thy cross.            





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 7




More than I can handle

            is what God has given me.


That is…


More “blessings” than I asked for, through

            more “dependence opportunities.”



“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”  1 Peter 5:7




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 6


Victory O’er Death


Thank God for the gift of eternal life—

            At times like this!

We know that we will once again

            Hug that loved one we miss.


Praise God he was his child,

            Redeemed by trusting in God’s Son—

To pay the debt of debt of sin he owed.                  

            Victory o’er death has been won!




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 5


Ecclesiastes Empathy


Injustice and fatigue,

Sickness, death and war;

Disappointment, folly,

These are mine and more.


“The more I know of life—

The more I know of grief.” 1.

The less I understand—

The more I crave relief.


“A time for every purpose,” 2. and

“To every time a season.” 3.

Though I may seldom know it,

God always has a reason.


“When times are good, be happy.” 4.

“Find satisfaction in my labor.” 5.

The pain of life will lesson

When I seek to help my neighbor.


“Eternity in my heart,” 6. but

Mortality in my feet.

The battle’s overwhelming—

Though, the outcome will be sweet.


At least I have this hope—

In the end my pain will cease.

But, to all who don’t know Jesus,

I must show the way of peace.



1.   Ecclesiastes 1:18

2.   Ecclesiastes 3:1a

3.   Ecclesiastes 3:1b

4.   Ecclesiastes 7:14

5.   Ecclesiastes 5:18

6.   Ecclesiastes 3:11




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 4


O Happy Day!


O happy day—when redemption is nigh…

Permission to leave for our home in the sky.

            Earth’s troubles retreat;  God we meet!


Oh happy day—when we do move on…

Our pilgrimage finished, we’ll sing a new song: 1.

            “All glory to Jesus, who frees us!”


O happy day—our tears are no more. 2.

We’ll no longer wonder what God has in store— 3.

            For those He knows, love flows! 4.


Oh happy day—we see new friends and old.

We’ll ponder the mansions and walk streets of gold. 5.

            What a reunion!  What communion!


Oh happy day—our loved ones left behind,

Will soon come to join us, in God’s perfect time— 6.

            If in Jesus they trust, it’s a must!


Will you please follow and pass through the gate? 7.

The time fast approaches when it is too late. 8.

            But, if you know the way, O happy day! 9.



1.  Revelation 5:6-14

2.  Revelation 21:4

3.  1 Corinthians 2:9

4.  Colossians 3:12

5.  John 14:2 NKJV,  Revelation 21:21

6.  Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

7.  John 10:9

8.  Hebrews 9:27

9.  John 14:5-6




revised 10/17/05

(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 3




If guardian angels had voices

Which we were permitted to hear,

And time to field our questions,

I would call to mine, “Come near!”


“My friend, can you tell me the answer;

Why has all this happened to me?

Were you sleeping?  Did something go wrong?”

But, he’d say, “Just wait, you’ll see.”


“Just wait ‘til you can see the castles

and legions of angels above.

Just wait ‘til you see the majesty

And glory which Heaven’s made of!


Just wait ‘til you feel the embrace

Of your savior, your God and friend!

Just wait ‘til He bids you look with Him,

To see the beginning and end.


“At that time you will not need answers.

You will not have questions or tears,

Only praise and thanksgiving to Jesus, who

With great wisdom planned all your years.


“At that time you’ll know that this suffering—

which passed through His permissive hand—

was not cruel, or random ‘bad luck.’

Yes, at that time, you will understand.


“Though Satan is ‘prince of this world,’

though he brings sin, sickness and pain,

He can’t stop God’s plan for His children—

That your loss, will one day, be gain.


“Sometimes in this life God explains it,

Though at other times He does not.

Just trust Him, for He is trustworthy!

And, He’ll give His grace on the spot.


“No, I can’t tell you His answer.”

The angel would say to me.

He would simply smile and reply,

“Trust Him!  Just wait, you’ll see."




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 2


Life and Death

(a song)


I saw a man have a heart attack today.

It really wasn’t funny you know…

Ambulance sirens, relatives cryin’,

Crowds takin’ in the “show.”


            And I thought that if Jesus were here today,

            He could calm my heart.

            He would have something to teach me now,

            And this is how He’d start:


                        “Life is precious;  hold it dear!            

                        Thank God for each day!

                        I have given you eternal life,

                        Tell the world about my love…


I saw a man have a heart attack today.

It really wasn’t funny you know…

Ambulance sirens, relatives cryin’,

Crowds takin’ in the “show.”


            Then, I thought that since Jesus is here today,

            Living in my heart,

            I can be used to give words of hope,

            And this is how I’ll start:


                        “Life is precious;  hold it dear!

                        Thank God for each day!

                        Jesus wants to give eternal life,

                        Do you know about His love?...”





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1




You can be busy—

            But don’t be in a hurry.

You can have lots to do—

            But don’t complain or worry.

You can make plans for the future—

            But do not live for them.

Make “loving people” everything—

            This, our Lord will not condemn.


By all means, relax!

            But, that doesn’t mean be lazy.

Cutting out your time with God

            Lets me know your vision’s hazy.

In all you do; in who you are—

            May Jesus fill your heart with song!

Through life’s temptations—yield the fruit

            Of walking with Him your life long.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue