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#   Title

8—Daughter of Mary

7—All feel the supernatural


5—My List is Too Long

4—Running Away

3—Eternal Spring

2—Remember This

1—Believing God

# 8

Daughter of Mary


How much do I trust God?


I trust him to never leave me 1.

to hear my prayers 2.

to guide my steps 3.

to give me good gifts 4. from time to time.  


Do I trust him enough to accept hard things?

To sanctify my suffering?

To be enough –

when my questions have no answers? 5.


Reading between the lines means

looking past what is obvious

looking not at the present

but at the possible.


Spirit versus sight

faith versus emotions 6.

wisdom versus fairy tales

relationship versus pat answers.


Daughter of Eve that I am –

I am prone to believe my feelings.

This leads to temporary spiritual deafness.

How much do I really trust God?


Lord, I want to live like a daughter of Mary –

Not like a daughter of Eve.

“I am the Lord’s servant…

may your word to me be fulfilled.” 7.



1. Hebrews 13:5

2. 1 John 5:14

3. Psalm 32:8-9

4. Matthew 7:9-11

5. Job 19:6-8

6. 2 Corinthians 5:7

7.  Luke 1:38





© 2020 gratefulsue

# 7

All feel the supernatural


The smell of nature

the sound of creatures

the sight of sunset

the taste of honey

the touch of love


the cloak of night

the life of day

the colors of seasons

the varieties of things

the creativity of God


the silent actions

the timely words

the private confessions

the humble apologies

the undeserved forgiveness


the compassion of strangers

the courageous few

the gifted prodigies

the faces of children

the pure in heart


the crazy coincidence

the answer to prayer

the amazing miracle

the faith-filled waiting

the longing for eternity. 1.


All feel the supernatural;

look for the magic wherever it’s hiding.



1. Ecclesiastes 3:11





© 2020 gratefulsue

# 6



Everyone loves a surprise...

            except when you don’t.


“No news is always good news...”

            except when it’s not.


The cup half-full is a blessing...

            The cup half empty still hurts.


Frailty comes to most.

            Longevity comes to some.

                        Mortality comes to us all.


The Savior calls to all.

            The Savior saves all who believe.

                        All who believe are safe. 1.



1.  1 John 5:11-13





© gratefulsue 2017


(In memory of Barbara)

# 5

My List is Too Long


When my brain is frozen

and my legs are too,

because I can’t figure out

what first to do—


When my list is too long

and my aptitudes fail, 

my intensions are good,

but I move like a snail—


I see my abilities

just as they are—

lacking perfection.

I am no “superstar.”


But, tasks unfinished

Don’t take worth away.

I still have value.

It will be okay.


I am not defined

by what I produce.

A good reminder,

not so obtuse.


So, drink that cup

of humility stew, and

look to the morning

when mercies are new. 1.


Through minuscule faith,

and nights of rest,

the day brings hope

and fresh progress.


He will join in my work,

whether great or small.

Help comes from the Lord, 2.

when I “hit the wall.”


In tasks major or minor,

or, in questions quite deep,

the Good Shepherd gives strength,

and relief to His sheep.  3.



1.  Lamentations 3:22-23

2.  Psalm 121:2

3.  Psalm 23:1-4




© 2017 gratefulsue

# 4

Running Away


Here I lie in my bed

Waiting for the days I dread

Seeking answers with my head

To console my heart of lead.


Putting up a modest fight—because

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Yellow “Cautions,” all I see

Before the madman driving me.


He runs the lights with reckless glee

Escaping imagined emergencies.

Real-life heart-aches, I agree

Could catch us, if we don’t flee.


But left also, are patient friends

Who will forgive and make amends

Who challenge, love, even defend…

We would be helped, in the end.


Different heartaches, some more dire,

Lie up the road, like a flash fire

Denied by promises from a Liar

Who laughs when faith is retired. 1.


Take courage child.  You can’t outrun

The love and care of God’s own Son.

So, when that fire is all done,

“Beauty from ashes,” has begun. 2.



1.  John 8:44c;  2 Cor. 5:7

2.  Isaiah 61:3





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 3

Eternal Spring


As the tree looks almost dead

in winter months, I know instead,


it holds a secret—yet unseen.

When comes the spring, its life has been


holed up inside and waiting for

the call of God—leaves to restore.


To break the hold of winter’s grasp,

God brings forth life, as springtime laughs.


So too, will I laugh and rejoice!

When I am gone, I’ll raise my voice


to praise My Savior, lift His name—

who for His love for sinners came


to live on earth, to die for us,

to resurrect!  In Him I trust.


This dead tree, full of selfishness,

is cleansed and free!  I must confess—


He kept His promise of new life! 1.

Through faith in Him, I’m done with strife.


Just as the Savior rose from death,

I’ll do so—after my last breath. 2.


Spring’s reminder, Easter morn,

gives hope to all who are reborn. 3.


Eternal spring—my destined way,

I’ll see no more, a winter day!



1.   John 3:16

2.   John 11:25

3.   John 3:5-7




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 2


Remember This


Your God is good

Your God sees all

He gives you light

He hears you call


He sends you sun

Along with rain

He knows what’s best

He feels your pain 


His mercies come

Both small and grand

In daily bread

In joys not planned


Remember this

When all seems dark

May grace, your faith

And “first-love” spark 1.


1.  Revelation 2:4



(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1


Believing God

(a song)


Believing God is hard to choose

     when I’m so full of fear.

I look around, look at myself

     and just break down in tears.

So many problems to worry about

     the future for my life is so unclear.


     But, if I turn my focus around,

     By faith conclude my fears are unsound…


            God responds to people who believe that He’s Himself.

            Full of wisdom, power, grace.  Not weak, or something else...


            God responds to people who believe that He’s Himself.

            God is honored when I choose to trust in Him…and not myself.


Believing God is easy to do,

     if I just know His Son.

And knowing Jesus takes some time;

     I feel I’ve just begun.

So, that’s what I’ll do, the rest of my life.

     Knowing His Word will bind us as one.


     So, while I’m growing, God help me stay,

     Closer to Jesus’ side, I pray…


            God responds to people who believe that He’s Himself.

            Full of wisdom, power, grace.  Not weak, or something else...


            God responds to people who believe that He’s Himself.

            God is honored when I choose to trust in Him…and not myself.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue