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Naturally, most of the poems in this section were born out of experiences with my own family...relatives, parents, spouse, children, even pets!  But, others are more generic, coming from my observations of other families and their struggles or triumphs.  As you scroll down, I hope you will find many to which you are able to relate.

#  Title

25—That's Cathy

24—Bedroom Window

23Graduation Week

22Endless Summer No More

21Whose fault?  Who's fixing?

20Sweet Faces 

19Reluctant Servant

18Crazy Package


16Children Honor Others

15—For My Children

14—Wedding Thoughts



11—Kids and Parents


9—Family Problems



6—Sick Child

5—Housewife and Mother

4—Baby Boy

3—Mother’s Song


1—No Time

# 25 

That’s Cathy


She’s learning, reading, writing, pondering,

sharing – while climbing higher.


She’s painting, walking, sewing, singing,

worshiping – her Lord unseen.


She’s cooking, detailing, decorating, flower arranging,

serving – at life events.


She’s remembering, missing, processing, valuing,

honoring – heritage gone by.


She’s praying for, standing by, aching with, hoping for,

supporting – her five precious gifts.


She’s wife-ing, mom-ing, friend-ing, grandma-ing,

life-ing – with hugs and tears.


She’s talking, listening, laughing, grieving,

loving – all things eternal.





© 2020 gratefulsue


(For my sweet sister)

# 24

Bedroom Window


“Are you keeping me in or letting me out?

            Shall I be safe or escape?”

Once, I climbed out and onto the roof

            where I could see my imagined fate.


“I best crawl back in before mother sees.

            I would be in trouble, no doubt.

But, aren’t I brave for daring to leave

            expectations I well knew about!”


That window and I were really good friends

            My eyes met hers every day.

She drew me in and out the other side

            where I would daydream and play.


So starched and ironed, nothing like me,

            a “Tom-boy” who didn’t like dolls,

the white ruffled curtains pushed to each side,

            showed the woods, who always called.


Through them I watched for the bright-eyed beast

            who appeared after dark, it was known.

Into the garage quietly while I “slept,”

            My Dad would finally come home.






© 2020 gratefulsue

# 23  

Graduation Week


Spinning, twisting, rotating, life,

hard to stay on the ball.

Milestones, minutes, memories, such

momentous occasions, all.


Planning, doing, helping, staging,

parties, people, stress.

Happy, sad, exhausted, thrilled,

Emotions a crazy mess.


Pausing, remembering, pondering kids

who couldn’t tie their shoes.

Now they’re flying without wings,

into futures they find or choose.


Many prayers as they climb those stairs.

Tears and smiles for the show.

Sending love, supplies, support,

To the unknown where they go.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 22

Endless Summer No More


The season has changed.

I knew it was coming.

I saw the sky turn dark,

I felt the chill in the wind.


Sure enough...the earth rotates.

Endless summer is now gone,

And the fall is nearly over.

Winter has to come.


How I will miss the sun!!

Always remember its warmth.

The light, the smiles, long days,

The optimism, the privileges.


Blessed to know,

Blessed to receive.

Blessed to love and be loved.

Blessed to have that time.


Love shares.

Love trusts.

Love hopes.

Love releases.


No going back.

As winter begins,


Hold on to hope.


The sun still shines on distant shores.

And, one day... I will go there.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(Reflections on the wonderful years when my father lived with us.)


Whose fault?  Who’s fixing?


“Why are you here,

when you don’t want to stay?”     

            “Oh, but I do!

            Don’t send me away!”


“What’s your decision?

Make your choice.”

            “It doesn’t matter.

            I have no voice.”


“You’ve made your decision.

Your silence tells all.

You never talk,

or text, or call.”


            “What can I say that

            you won’t criticize?

            My good intentions

            are sand in your eyes.”


“You act like a child.”

            “Treat me as an adult!”

“Your actions hurt us.”

            “Your actions insult.”


“We want to be family.”

            “I want that, too.”

“What will it take?”

            “That’s what I’m asking you.”





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(for Jared)


Sweet Faces


Across the miles,

new friends and smiles.

How strange to be

connected family.


Some never before met.

Congenial and yet,

more than just “nice.”

(Scant time must suffice.)


Introduced to a life.

Cut the fluff, like a knife.

Get down to nitty gritty,

new tales, short and witty.


Discuss important dates,

the events of fate,

of character, change,

how lives re-arrange.


Stories unfold

of days-of-old.

Personal history—

no longer a mystery.


Thoughts in swirls

of little boys and girls,

what might have been,

through thick and thin.


Those questions we had...

answers, sweet or sad...

we longed for more.

That’s what reunions are for.


More questions raised,

top of the surface grazed.

Some feelings unsaid,

Come to mind, in bed.


How to be in two places,

with these sweet faces?

Watch us fly away...

wish we could stay.




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(after finally meeting Aunt Margaret)

# 19

Reluctant Servant  

A selfish participant in family am I,

Accepting the perks, but reluctant to “die.”  1.


Loving the hugs, affirmations, fun.

Sluggish to finish work that’s not done.


Counting the cost, I’m feeding my fear,

Wanting my “time to myself” to stay clear.


Give up my life!  I will find it anew.  2.

Take the first step, is what I must do.


Once I have started my faith walk today,

I’ll feel the Lord lighten my feet of clay.  3.


But, if I neglect how God asks me to serve,

I’ll end up with the regrets I deserve.  4.



1.   John 12:24-25

2.   John 12:25, 2 Corinthians 5:17

3.   Isaiah 64:8, Philippians 4:13

4.   Philippians 2:1-4




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 18


Crazy Package


Tender minds and hot emotions,

            fragile bodies, silly notions.


Full of stories, fears and glee,



Needing care and wanting none,

            their place in life has just begun.


From all that’s evil—innocence.

            Still, the stains of stubbornness.


Crazy package of strange delights,

            baseball bats and ballet tights...


Temper tantrums, hugs and kisses.

            Adult instructions...hits and misses.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 17




What are you thinking?

How was your day?

Are you happy or sad?

Do you love God today?


Do you have some questions

You might like to ask?

Are the answers painful?

Do you prefer a mask?


Am I bothering you

With my pleading eyes?

Impatient waiting, and

Nagging cries?


Where did you go?

Are you running from me?

Are you trying to live



Talk to me son,

About anything, please.

Chit-chat is better than

This silence disease.


Words are needful,

Beautiful, good,

When sent with love,

And understood.


“I love you,” “Yes,”

“Thank you,” and “Please,”

Verbal salve—

Are all of these.


Explaining, joking,

Praising and more

are gifts of caring—

What we’re made for.


Please open the gate,

Unlock the door

Release your heart,

Click on “restore.”





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 16


Children Honor Others


“Honor others above myself” 1.

With my food or playroom wealth.


Not an easy goal to see

When focused on the wants of me.


But, if I on Him do dwell,

You’ll know it, for my deeds will tell.


1.  Romans 12:10b




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 15 


For My Children

You are sweet!

            You are mine…

On loan from the Divine.


You are gifted,


How I will miss you this week!


As we walk

            In His way,

God will guide us each day.


In tomorrow’s


His love never fails.


Jesus shepherds

            His lambs,

E’en without ewes and rams!





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(first time to be separated from them)

# 14


Wedding Thoughts


Man and woman become “one”

The day when vows to God are begun.


Your promises, “’til death us do part,”

Seal the union of two hearts.


Loving, cherishing, give and take,

Leading, submitting: a good marriage make.


But humility, confession and prayer

Will make your marriage beyond compare!





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 13



Daddy taught me how to sail—

Our boat went through both calm and gale.


Daddy helped me love to dance—

Ballroom dancing lessons financed.


Sent me to an all-girls’ school—

Where brains and work were the only rule.


Gave me goals and life ambitions—

“Make Daddy proud,” my personal mission.


“The sky’s the limit” was my fate—

I recently learned he exaggerates. 


I’ve sailed through storms of trials and more—

Disappointments, being poor.


I’ve danced through years of being rich—

A job I loved, finding my niche.


Brains and hard work raised my kids—

A task at least as hard as his.


I’m grateful for my encouraging Dad—

Ne’er enough time with him, I had.





Revised 10/15/12

(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 12




Sitting pretty,

Sweetest kitty,

“Anna” is her name.


Hungry baby.

Keep her?  “Maybe…”

On that day she came.


Three years later…

We wouldn’t trade her

For a pot of gold!



We must send her away—

Thru tears and regrets untold.


Eyes of green

Gentle, not mean

She loved to rub and purr.


Loved and kissed her—

Kids and I miss her.

Friend with brownish-black fur.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 11


Kids and Parents


Oh, to be a kid again!

Responsibilities were few.

Clean my room and go to school,

Was all I had to do.


Hours on end to play ‘n talk—

To bug my sister, dear.

Material goods beyond my needs,

Vacations far and near.


Praise and hugs for “Daddy’s girl”

Homemaker Mom was the best!

Freedom to grow and enjoy life

With these good gifts I was blessed. 1.


But now the shoe’s on the other foot—

My children depend on me,

To provide a safety net for them—

A haven of joy and stability.


Though days are full and nights are short,

Responsibilities never end,

I pray for a home of love and grace—

One which the Savior commends.



1.   James 1:17




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 10




Hide and seek.

Listen and speak.

Who does these?



Time to play.

“Never go away!”

Ten hugs today—



Mom gets a rest.

Dad’s also blessed.

Who passed the test?



Long distance blues

We’re missing you.

We have so few






(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 9


Family Problems


Every family has its problems…

More than they or I can bear.

Wounds to give to Jesus—

For His healing—leave them there.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 8




Where is “home”?

It’s where Mom is—

No matter, “here” or “there.”


That comfortable feeling

Is where Mom is—

A place both warm and fair.


When will I

Outgrow Mom’s care?

Not when I’m 40 or 80.


She soothes my soul

With love and care.

She is a special lady!





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(for my mother)

# 7



Every day is filled with work

            to do for God and home.

Barely time to think or sleep—

            let alone, write a poem.


But, here I sit, pen in hand,

            to make some silly “jingle.”

All to let you know, Valentine,

            you still make my heart tingle!





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(for David) 

# 6


Sick Child


Sick child in bed

Wish it was me, instead.

How I hate to wait

For this trial to abate.


Sad eyes want relief

Only adding to my grief.

Coughs and moans prick my heart

Each and every time they start.


Is he getting worse?

My fears, a curse.

Anxious prayers feel ignored

Until health is restored.


It’s a sin to worry

But, I’m in a hurry!

Sickness, “Flee!”

Trust in God—rescue me!




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 5


Housewife and Mother


Not enough time

to bake and cook,

play a game or

read that book.


Not enough time

to do the mending,

ironing, laundry,

chores unending.


Not enough time

to finish school,

clean the house and

teach that rule.


“Not enough time!”

my constant song,

though I know

this focus wrong.


Plenty of time

for self-control,

as I live out

my maternal role!


Plenty of time

to pray and thank,

even when I

scold or spank.


Plenty of time

to kiss and bless

creativity in the

midst of mess!


Plenty of time

to laugh and smile,

to be an example

all the while.


Just a few things

must get done, like

loving, and teaching

about God’s Son.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 4


Baby Boy


It is rude to stare—

Yes, this I know.  But,

I can’t help myself

From this common show.


A doll that’s alive!

Oh, how can it be?

This doll has it’s own



Not just a body—

A will of its own.

Desires and thoughts,

Gifts yet unknown.


But, breathing!  Moving!

No wind up toy.

A Master creation—

This baby boy.


A powerful sermon—

His Heavenly face.

Where did you come from?

From divine grace.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(about Davy)

# 3


Mother’s Song


Silent changes in me

            proclaim the life within.

Though others may not see—

            to deny it would be sin.


More hunger and more aches

            but less energy have I.

Just to sit, or rest to take

            is my body’s endless cry.


Baby in my womb—

            the doctor tells me so.

Skin stretches to make room

            as the unseen infant grows.


Body, mind and spirit

            knit together—moving now.

A beating heart, I hear it!

            A four-inch person…wow!


Unbelievable privilege:

            a creation of God here lies.

In my humble human carriage,

            A vessel of God am I!





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 2




Though the years have come and gone,

And I have toddlers at my knee,

Somehow a part of me is still

A child who longs to see:


Mommy and Daddy back together,

Our old family restored.

“Happily ever after” fixed, and

Real history ignored. 


The two people I love most,

And who really love me too,

Couldn’t seem to love each other

In the way they promised to.


“For better or for worse,”

“Until at death we part.”

Were shallow words of tradition

Lacking commitment from the heart.


I know that things have changed;

Your new spouse is very kind.

But, the way it was supposed to be

Weighs heavy on my mind.


Now holidays bring tug of wars:

Which grandparents to see?

The kids and I are always torn—

To choose whose company.


I’ll teach my children agape love

“God, may I an example be…

Of never quitting, always giving,

Of hope and fidelity.”





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1


No Time


“Hurry Son, hurry!”

            “Gee Mom, do we HAVE TO go?”

“Hurry up, hurry up!  There’s no time to be slow.”


            “Just let me finish this game, okay?  See the puzzle I’m working on?”

“No, I must get to the store, and time is moving along.”


“Hurry son, hurry!  Please put your toys away.”

            “You’re always in a hurry, Mom.  Can’t we stay home today?”


“No, you need to come with me.  I have many things to do.

Your game can wait ‘til we get back.  Then I will play it with you.”


            “No you won’t, you never do!”

“Now son, that isn’t fair…”

            “You’re always busy doing things, and hurrying everywhere!”


“Come now, Son, we have to go—no time for foolish chatter.”

            “Yeah, no time to play or rest—or ask me, ‘What’s the matter?’”





(C) 2015 gratefulsue