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Holy Living

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10—Two Victims

9—Confession of a Verbal Assassin


7—Plenty and Want

6—Freedom at Large



3—Slay the Monster

2—Show Me

1—You Gave Us Hope

# 10

Two Victims

Love plus wounds plus forgiveness equals

grace plus wisdom plus compassion.


Love plus wounds can quickly reverse

and feel like shock and hate.

I am a victim.

When I choose to forgive

the gate opens to return to love.

That’s grace.

But now love is informed by wisdom.

That’s understanding plus setting boundaries

along with (a surprise emotion) compassion.

My offender is also a victim

and was speaking from those wounds

from today

or yesterday

or before we ever met.






© 2020 gratefulsue

# 9

Confession of a Verbal Assassin


I’m finally learning the value of biting my tongue.

I’m trying to apply what I’ve learned.

I don’t have to win the argument.

I don’t have to prove I’m right.

I don’t have to have the last word,

Or, the best word,

Or, the most pointed word,

Thereby nailing my victim to the wall.


Pressing my points produces injuries.

Victims build walls,

Retreat – to heal wounds.

If I’m really right,

They may or may not know it.

But, God knows it.

And sometimes, I’ll know it.

And that’s enough.


1/25/14 revised 11/17/19

© 2019 gratefulsue

# 8



Health and food, resources, more,        

education, dreams that soar,

speak of duty I can’t ignore.

Make me wonder why.


Advantages I don’t deserve,

family members who love and serve,

privileges, of most unheard

by those less rich than I.


But orphans, poor, abused, exist.

Not wielding high their angry fist.

Rather, silence does insist,

ones such as I draw nigh.


Observe and ask.  Listen, learn.

With their plight, may conscience burn.

Love’s call, may I discern,

and answers to apply.




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 7


Plenty and Want


Why should I have plenty, while they are in want?

What is the point of these goods I flaunt?


Why should I have pleasure, but they only pain?

My very question condemns my name.


Does God love me more, since I am polite?

…I was born in America?…I’m rich and I’m white?


Do I think I deserve what has merely been given? 1.

…Because I am smart? …For the life I am livin’?


Do I love my neighbor in word and deed? 2.

Help all I can?  Cry…when they bleed?


These questions need answers, and reasons why

Selfishness told compassion, “Good-bye.”


I can’t hide the answers, although I might try.

It’s not hard to tell...my actions don’t lie.


“I’m a good person,” I say to myself,

As I close my ears and put truth on the shelf.


1.   1 Corinthians 4:7

2.   James 2:14




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 6


Freedom at Large



The sentence of death,

            of slavery, fear,

calls out from the shadows—

            It is mocking me here.


“I see the evidence:

            ‘Guilty as charged.’

Your freedom in Christ

            is not here, but at large.”


“Put up your guard,

            keep precaution at hand.

Don’t trust anybody,”

            Cynicism demands.


Arrogance speaks,

“There are few of our kind.

We must stick together—

            leave worldly ones behind.”


All the ranks comply.

            Defenses stand relieved.

Anxiety relaxes, while

            faith and hope grieve.


More trials to endure—

            more facades and pain—

yet, beseeching the Lord, to

            “Let freedom reign!!”





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 5




So glad that you

can teach the Word—

                        correctly, as it

all occurred.

                        with stories clear,

                        my heart was stirred.


But, gladder still

to just know you—

your humble heart,

kind things you do.

                        I learned the Word,

                        from watching, too.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

(for Tom C.)

# 4




To go, or not to go.

To eat, or not to eat.

To look, or not to look—

Are some choices that we meet.


The answers can be tricky.

We can do just as we please.

But, while our mind is open—

Temptations call and tease.


The wrong way seems more pleasant,

And, its converts fill a hall.

But the right way will reward you—

When account is given for all.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 3


Slay the Monster


It doesn’t have any horns,

It isn’t even green.

It doesn’t have big teeth—

but, its favorite meal is teens.


It does not look impressive.

Sometimes it’s very small.

When sleeping, it’s not dangerous—

but, quietly sits by the wall.


And yet, this real-life monster

should strike fear in every heart—

of those who wish to please the Lord,

from worldly ways, to part.


This monster has an appetite

which never will be filled.

Its victims all have weakened wills

And in this condition, sin builds.


Stolen time, wasted hours,

Bow at its command—

Lustful, prideful, Godless thoughts,

Are like a fire, fanned.


Slay the monster!  Turn it off!

Go out for a walk.

Read a book, talk to a friend,

Gain strength from Christ, “the solid rock.” 1.

1.    Matthew 7:24-25




(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 2 


Show me

(a song)


Show me a man who really knows how to love and how to give,

Show me a woman who has nothing to fear,

And I will show you who; yes, I will show you two,

Who love the Lord, in all that they say and do!


            Your Word—so lovely,

            Your Word—so true…

            Says we should be the light of the world,

            So, help us shine for You!


Show me a church where Jesus Christ is truly glorified,

Show me the families unified in love,

And I will show you who; yes, I will show you a few,

Who serve the Lord, in all that they say and do!


            Your Word—so lovely,

            Your Word—so true…

            Says we should be the light of the world,

            So, help us shine for You!


Show me a people without crime and loving their fellow man,

Show me a nation consecrated to God,

Then, come and take my hand, and I will show you a land,

Where God is praised, and Jesus is in command!


            Your Word—so lovely,

            Your Word—so true…

            Says we should be the light of the world,

            So, help us shine for You!

            Lord, help us learn to love You;

            Lord, show us how to serve You...more.





(C) 2015 gratefulsue

# 1


You Gave Us Hope


Men of old in days gone by,

            With much more faith than you or I,

Had to wait on Almighty God,

            Had to endure the chastening rod.


The Israelites had blessings galore

            Yet still in doubt, begged for more.

If I, like they, can’t be content—

             I’ll waste the time on earth I’ve spent. 


Why is it hard for me to trust?

            I worry, I doubt, I hate, I lust.

Is Satan to blame for this disaster?

            As soon as he tempts I fall even faster.


Satan exploits the weak points in me.

            I need discipline, prayer and humility!

Oh Jesus, my future just seems so unsure.

Remind me you love me, and you have a cure.


Keep my eyes on the cross.  My life’s in your hands.

            Keep me resting in You—in Your perfect plans.

I may be a sinner and faith may be small,

            But you gave us hope when you died for all.





completed 10/30/12

(C) 2015 gratefulsue