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23—Angry Giants

22—Inner Beauty

21—Tiny Fairies


19—Your Average Autumn Tree

18—Sailing Above the Clouds

17—Look up!

16—All Day Outside

15—Yellow Explosion

14—Some Leaves

13—Springtime Rejoicing


11—Clap Their Hands

10—Summer's Herald

9—In Praise of the Magnificent Sky

8—Magic Evening

7—Ice Storm

6—After Rain

5—Spring Renewal

4—Staring at Treetops

3—Heavenly Art

2—Dark Day

1—Autumn Majesty

# 23

Angry Giants


I heard it last night

            but I could not see it in the dark.


Angry giants shouting,

            blowing against the house and

                        dropping branches on the roof.



This morning, I could not hear it

            but I could see it.


The giants moved on to a distant land

            and left their rampage through the woods

                        all over the yard.





© 2020 gratefulsue   

# 22

Inner Beauty


Battered, broken

A half-shell of her former self.


Her inner beauty openly displayed

To the envy of all the “whole shells.”

Kind of like some people I know.


And, that’s why I picked her up

Off the beach that day—





© 2020 gratefulsue

# 21

Tiny Fairies


God has sent out tiny fairies.

I can’t see them, but they’ve been here.

Doing their job, like soldiers,

Or flying munchkins, it is clear.


Bearing their magic wands, they go

From city to town to house

From forest to grove to tree

Always, quiet as a mouse.


With their wands they touch each bough

Just one time—at the tip

Then colors flow like oil paint

Into which each branch was dipped.


First the fingers, hands, then wrists

As autumn creeps in silence

Arms, back, and chest comply

Each tree now donning elegance.


Night after night the fairies work,

Never stop ‘til the task is done

From town to city to nation—

To every country under the sun!


How kind of God! How frivolous! Fun!

God has an artistic flair

His paintings are shared on a scale

To which no artist can compare.





© 2019 gratefulsue

# 20




Your sprawling beaches

            and majestic mountains

                        call out to passers-through,


“My aesthetic sports a welcome mat

            which is laid out for

                        people like you.


It rarely rains.

            No humidity here!

                        You deserve a haven like this.”


But then, fall comes

            with ferocious fires—

                        consuming all notions of bliss.





© 2019 gratefulsue

# 19

Your Average Autumn Tree



Looking through my reading glasses

Your average autumn tree has become

a delightful impressionist painting!


Blurry green, red, and orange highlights

overlapping each other, skip

and play in the light breeze.


Sunlight bounces from branch to branch

like fat paint splotches—

sitting, dripping, glistening.


The wall and window make a perfect frame.

            I’d like to hang you in

my living room, all year ‘round.





© 2019 gratefulsue

# 18

Sailing Above the Clouds


I’ve always loved to sail in pleasant weather

Just enough wind

Us, being together


Sometimes the fickle weather and water turn rough

Too much wind

I’ve had enough


Sudden, strong squalls and storms bring us chills and rain

The proper heel

Hard to maintain


Dark clouds indicate trouble for quite a while

Making me anxious

I loathe the trial


Finally, then, the skies show the weather break clear

Like an argument gone

With my friend so dear


The keel makes a happy recovery, once more in stride

To prance like a steed

And fly forward with pride


I’m sailing above the clouds in my mind’s eye

In tune with eternity and

Humanity, you and I





© gratefulsue 2019

# 17 

Look up!


Look up! Don’t stare at the ground,

Look up!

Yes, you’re deep in thought...

But, look up!


You’re thinking about today

What has to be done

How to reach your goal

But, look up!!


Walking and talking

Heads in the mundane

Eyes on the ground, but,

Look up!


Look up or you’ll miss it!

Look up or you’ll be stuck

in pavement and problems

not solutions and revolutions.


The sky is blue

The clouds are white

The grass is green, and

The trees are PURPLE!! 1.


The trees are... what?

I’ve been trying to tell you.

Not green, not red, not yellow,

Neither fuchsia, nor white, or pink,


Not ground cover beauties,

Not flowers knee-high,

Not bushes in bloom, but TREES...

Great boughs with petals of purple!


Who would have thought?

That’s just the point.

Look up and think new thoughts.



1. Jacaranda Trees, towering 45-50 feet high, as seen on a street in Los Angeles, CA.





© 2019 gratefulsue

# 16

All Day Outside


Evening comes. Trees creek and drop bits of seed or branch

Their leaves rest after a day of dancing

Night prowlers in the woods awaken to find food.


Before dawn, birds revive and cry out to find friends

A traffic jam of competing chirps, only to be

Outshined by the lone superior caller.


Midmorning brings sunshine louder than birds

Midafternoon – cool refreshing breezes

Late afternoon – shadows, relief for tired eyes


Once again, dusk sighs as rest quietly approaches.

Evening comes. Trees creek and drop bits of seed or branch

Their leaves rest after a day of dancing…





©2019 gratefulsue

# 15

Yellow Explosion


Grand handsome tree

How you surprised me!

            Your flock of color flushed!


I had no warning

On my walk this morning.

            Excess without apology or blush!


Golden trumpets sound;

Your floral announcement astounds;

            Passers-by approve with glee!


Well done! Yellow explosion!

An assault of love-in-motion.

            Your creator and I agree!





© 2019 gratefulsue

# 14

Some Leaves


Some leaves only appear in groups

Like tiny soldiers or a Brownie troop.


Some, multicolored on a single branch

Maroon, red, and green, dressed for a dance.


Some are shaped as perfect hearts

Hoping for a romance to start.


Some, almost silly, sport whimsical style

So curvy or bumpy they make me smile.


On this one, three shapes, because it can!  

Basic, mitten, or open hand.


Now here’s a star, pointing straight and strong

Asserting proudly, all others are wrong.


A few are enormous! They seem out of place.

Able to fan a giant’s face.


Tiny or large, in groups or alone,

With rounded edges, or jagged shown,

They are all works of art, outside my home.




© 2018 gratefulsue

# 13

Springtime Rejoicing


Today, I watched the springtime rejoice  

            while taking a walk.


Noting cool air melting, and delights

            which silently talk.


Tulips are gone, Bradford Pears fading,

            but, Irises rising.


Dogwoods are preparing for Easter,

            I’m surmising.


Robins, Cardinals, and Blue Birds

            are visiting friends.


Azaleas are parading diverse colors

            like fashion trends.


Tree leaves await the signal to burst forth

            with the joy they bear.        


Their relatives up north are jealous,

            but, I don’t care!





© 2018 gratefulsue

# 12



Warm white beams stream through the glass unnoticed,

Filling the room with light and past shadows missed.


Concealing their splendor, they follow strict instructions.

But glory uncovered, in an instant, gives introduction.


Invisible, yet present, like a spirit you know is there.

Colors shy and reserved are now bold in prism’s snare.


Seven friends appear—who amaze, dance, boast, and play.

Holding hands, they move and promenade for their brief stay.


Light’s soul infrequently graces the world with its rays.

Just like people, who conceal their rainbows in jars of clay.  1.



1.  2 Corinthians 4:7





© 2018 gratefulsue

# 11

Clap Their Hands



Walking my dog when I heard it,

coming all at once—rolling.


Rejoicing, clear as thunder,

gaining strength with the wind.


I caught the tree applauding!  1.

(Its peers were more inhibited.)


“Clapping hands”—the heavy leaves.

Once the wind stopped, silence.


Daily, quietly, on the world stage,

The Creator quietly performs.


Is nature awaiting a future performance?

(Yes. The coming of the Lord.)



1.  Isaiah 55:12




fall 2013

© 2018 gratefulsue

# 10

Summer’s Herald


What’s that sound??!

I think I know...

YES!!  It has to be...



Where is it?

I must SEE it!


From the second story,

Go over to the window,

Crane my neck around.


There behind the trees,

Far side of the grass,

... A lawn mower!!


Greatest sight to see!

Green grass growing again,

For eyes tired of gray winter.


Greatest sound to hear!

The dull purring and whirring,

For ears tired of chilly silence.


First mowing of the Spring.

Long awaited herald of hope!

Summer and fun times coming!





© 2017 gratefulsue


(Remembering growing up in Ohio)

# 9

In Praise of the Magnificent Sky


“What color is the sky?”


“Is that all? What other colors besides blue?”

            “Um... dark blue or black, at night time.”

“Yes, and what else?”

            “Okay, also pinkish and purplish, or yellowish-blue. And sometimes red, or purple,                                 or orange, at sunrise and sunset.”

“Very good. And if it’s overcast?

            “Grey. Or, grey and white. Satisfied?”

“What about brown?”


“...in a dust storm.”

            “Very funny.”

“And clear.”


“What color is the sky in-between you and me?

            “Oh... true!”



© 2017 gratefulsue

# 8


Magic Evening


Warm summer night,

            Mid-June delight…

                        A family reunion.


Casual conversations,

            Culinary invitations…

                        Some soul-communion.


Go down the dirt road,

In silent mode…

                        Away from lights, walk…


Stop. Look and listen,

            The woods speak and glisten…

                        While crickets talk.


Unfolding grand wonder,

            Like Christmas in summer.

Laced through the dark trees…


Light strands of Fire Flies.

            Hundreds! Before my eyes,

                        Going where they please.


Dancing and blinking,

Like “Tinkerbells” winking…

                        The quiet lights fly.


“Such magic!”  I’m thinking,

            “It’s beauty I’m drinking…”

Worship draws nigh.





© 2015 gratefulsue

# 7


Ice Storm


Tinseled trees!  Touched by sun,

            their radiant sparkles shine.

Fragile frozen droplets

            fiercely clinging to the vine.


Miniature mirrors making merry,

            dancing in the sky,

Waving wonderful wintery limbs,

            for all passers-by.


Blinding brilliance buoys spirits

            but it breaks the boughs.

Winter wind blows weary weights

            which bend as strength allows.





© 2015 gratefulsue

# 6


After Rain


Sun is out

            Without a doubt.


Time to lose

            “rainy day blues.”


A rainbow I see

            Comes to smile at me.


Puddles are waiting

            For splash creating.


Count the drips by twos.

            Kick off squishy shoes.


After rain, a great smell—

            Can you tell?





© 2015 gratefulsue

# 5


Spring Renewal


A flower opens and spring begins

As one bright and lovely day.

The wind is a cheery playmate

Who blows your cares away.


The first colorful Crocuses

Come out of their chilly bed

To feel the warm sun shining

Upon each sleepy head.


The grass is turning green again

The air smells crisp and clean.

The sky is a beautiful shade of blue

White clouds—the brightest I’ve seen.


The Robins build their nests,

The children play outside.

The Lord plants seeds of faith

In the heart whose hope had died.





revised 3/31/96

© 2015 gratefulsue

# 4


Staring at Treetops


Staring myself into dizziness,

Gazing up at endless time.

A patchwork of lace

And speckled sun,

An ensemble of greens—blurred.


Cool breezes, rustling trees;

Shadows rearranging light.

Evergreen colors

In a blue sky.

Peaceful green leaves—stirred.





©  2015 gratefulsue

# 3


Heavenly Art


Slowly at first, the snowflakes fall

To let down a veil which covers all.


A lacey veil—ever so light

Delicately sewn—of glowing white.


No footprints, tracks, or signs of man

Intrude the scene across the land.


All is still, while diamonds fall

Save creaking trees with branches tall.


Soft lamplight makes the hillside glisten

The wind whispers to those who listen.


Gradually, the snowflakes thicken

Their earthly descent starts to quicken.


Now a blanket covers the ground

Cold and heavy, white all around.


Angels look and smile with delight

At winter wonders present at night.


More and more snow fills the sky

Dancing happily ‘til dawn draws nigh.


Then morning reveals the Creator’s art

His seasonal painting to warm the heart.




© 2015 gratefulsue

# 2


Dark Day


A windy day—as if to say—

“I dare you to be still.”

Clouds and cold and leafy spray

When secrets grab their fill.


Old houses creek their mystery,

The wind—an unknown song.

Groans and sighs from every tree.

Pale faces bowed and long.


A day as this has always borne

Life’s stories hard and blue.

Heart wounds open up again

And faith doubts what is true.





revised 1/18/07

© 2015 gratefulsue

# 1


Autumn Majesty


Copper, Ruby, Emerald, Gold—

The trees burst forth with colors bold!


Grand majesty, the quiet story…

Towering toward my Father’s glory.





revised 9/1/12

© 2015 gratefulsue