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11—You are not forgotten


9—Love! Love! Love!

8—Can I have eyes like yours?

7—A Beautiful Day for a Race

6—Mature Mindset

5Human Condition



2—Merciful Friends


# 11

You are not forgotten


Though your high school friends

have moved on

you are not forgotten


Though your college friends

no longer reach out

you are not forgotten


Though your parents

have passed away

you are not forgotten


Though your neighbors

are intimidated by your wheelchair

you are not forgotten


Though your children

miss the sound of your voice

and your husband

the comfort of your embrace

you are not forgotten


Though the mountains

fall into the heart of the sea 1.

You are not forgotten!


God is your refuge and strength

your ever-present help in trouble 2.

You are not forgotten



1. Psalm 46:2

2. Psalm 46:1





© 2020 gratefulsue


(for Cheryl)

# 10


Her load was heavy. Seldom shown.

The truth, to many, disbelieved

            or unknown.


Stones of lies, laid one by one,

Upon her back. “Desire conceived”  1.

                  had begun.


“Am I crazy? Am I to blame?

Something’s terribly wrong!”

            (What a shame.)


Wounds like arrows, in this new game

Brought tears, confusion,

            anger, pain.


Desire grew to sin, then sin was full-grown. 1.

Her husband’s unfaithfulness—

            now clearly shown.


“No, I’m not crazy.” (The truth can be cruel.)

“He just doesn’t care that he’s breaking

            love’s rules.”


The straw that broke the camel’s back

Gave her the resolve

            she previously lacked.


One last abuse, so heartless and low,

Gave her the courage

            to let go.


Janet is free. Her divorce is final.

Different challenges abound, in her

            “new normal.”


A covenant shattered. His Lord disobeyed.

Her family wounded.

            His re-made. 


Now all the wiser, no clichés feigned.

Battered faith survived; though dreams

            were re-arranged.


Yes, there is healing the Savior brings.

But, scars have a way of

            changing things.



1.  James 1:13-15




© 2018 gratefulsue

(for my new friend from Wichita, KS)

# 9 

Love! Love! Love!


What an example, her heart of love!

            Hours and hours knitting eighty-three crosses

To bless eighty-three new friends.


She does not believe in the One she honors,

            And yet, she displays His character—

Much more than many who claim to believe.

“The only thing that matters

            is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!”

She preached to me some time ago.


Yes, you’re right, my Turkish friend.

            So said the man on the cross.

And, in that pursuit, you are ahead of me.


My Lord and Savior sees and smiles.

            “Look how well she uses the gifts

I shower on all mankind!”


Oh, that all would have this purpose—

            to, “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!”

Like that of sweet Nursen.


Oh, that I would be so generous—

            handing out care and acceptance

Even to ones so different from myself.





© 2018 gratefulsue

(for Nursen, who is from Turkey)

# 8


Can I have eyes like yours?

You have fantastic vision!

Can I have eyes like yours?

Where others see only obstacles,

By faith, you see “open doors!”


You have fantastic vision!

You can see what no one else sees.

You have twenty-twenty compassion

For the arrivals from overseas.


You have fantastic vision!

You see people with needs and souls,

Though different in language and customs,

You see hopes and dreams and goals.


You have fantastic vision!

Ignoring barriers, you’ll “find a way.”

Undaunted by limitations,

Your influence is here to stay!


So many find friends and learning,

All are touched by your sacred mission.

Many have learned of your Savior, because

You have fantastic vision!





© 2018 gratefulsue

(For Heidi, who had the vision and faith to start an effective English as a Second Language (ESL) ministry in her community, that has grown every year. This is despite never before having started such a ministry, and despite having an incurable eye condition, which is proceeding toward rendering her effectively blind.)

# 7

A Beautiful Day for a Race

“Isn’t it a beautiful day for a race?”

            she said as she passed men by.

Trained as she was for the altitude,

            she continued to reach for the sky.


Practiced and ready for one special day,

            running history she would make,

Yet, unaware of her spot as “the first,”

            or, “glass ceiling” which she would break.


“I feel pretty good. I can continue,”

            she thought as she reached the top.  

“I can run back down. Yes, I think I can.

            There’s no reason for me to stop.”


The mountain she conquered was more than Pikes Peak.

            It was more than completing a goal.

More than a marathon run by a woman,

            for our hearts, by her grit, she stole.





© 2017 gratefulsue


(In honor of Arlene Pieper, who in 1959 was the first woman to complete a marathon, 26.2 miles, in the United States. She ran to the summit of Pikes Peak and back down, in Manitou Springs, CO.)

# 6

Mature Mindset


I was pretty with privilege and potential.


            Now I am old, obsolete and just ordinary.


                        Hope to be remembered as...


                                    Empathetic, an evangelist, and ending well.





© 2017 gratefulsue

# 5


Human Condition


Here I sit—safe and warm, in a comfortable chair.

Eat my lunch; while into the peaceful outdoors, I stare.


Sun-splashed boughs, with leaf-shaped shadows, dance.

Beautiful music and setting, does my mealtime, enhance.


I have privileges, time, food, shelter and ease.

Life is good.  I am blessed and can do just what I please.


Yet, in the far room, a loved one, estranged, exists.

His deeds are justified, right, and important, he insists.


Unconvinced, I lament the irony our lives can portray.

Love versus truth.  Lose-win, win-lose, come what may. 


Around the globe, the news tells us there is more strife.

The innocent with “the wrong faith,” pays with his life.


In another place, orphans are homeless, hungry and pale. 

And the wealthy are blind and deaf, while governments fail.


This place we call earth is an ugly, complicated mess.

Worse yet, you and I are the problem... I confess.





© 2015 gratefulsue

# 4



Faith sees people

sweet and dear—

longs to hold them,

keep them near.


She hears voices

soft and gay—

sharing greetings,

then going away.


From a fallen world

she stands

and looks with faith

at distant lands.


Knowing saints

like Mary and Paul

await and beckon,

“Embrace God’s call.”


Soon, Faith arrives

at sight unseen—

touches memories,

walks in dreams,


feels the love,

drinks the sound

of Heaven’s praises—

all around.


Earth’s problems, pains,

and some regrets—

are dwarfed by hope’s

expectations, met.


It heals, forgets,

forgives...sweet grace.

God’s generous favor

does Faith now face.





© 2015 gratefulsue

(For my friend named Faith, fighting cancer.)

# 3




I love you, and I love you, too.

How sad, when altercations brew.


Please do the work to love each other.

We’re not supposed to hate our brother. 1.


Disunity sets off an alarm:

Your relationship is suffering harm!


Hurtful words are not polite.

Let me help disarm the fight.  


Diffuse the tempers, false objections,

Misunderstanding good intentions.


A diplomat who works for free.

I make paths of civility.


An advocate.  A compromiser.

Listen well...be all the wiser.


While barbs fly, and expressions taunt,

Harmony, is all I want.


I’ll urge you to apologize,

Bite your tongue, and sympathize.


Be merciful, give second chances.

Believe the best, despite circumstances.


As a tree in gale wind, bends.

Fair criticisms can be friends.


What devastation faction makes,

if you won’t learn from your mistakes.


The goal is love, not stubborn pride.

You two should be on the same side.



1.   John 13:34-35




© 2015 gratefulsue

# 2


Merciful Friends


People with the gift of mercy

            are my favorite friends!

Smiles and hugs, calming words,

patience without end.


Occasions for your mercy work

            increase in huge supply...

The jolts, the wounds and cares of life,

            with age, do multiply.


I’m grateful for your gentle tongue,

            for humor, faith and hope.

You rescue me, as Jesus does.

and help me hang on to the rope.





revised 12/8/12 

© 2015 gratefulsue

# 1




Some might say he’s “pessimistic.”

            Some might say he’s “harsh” or “cold.”

Others know he is a prophet—

            Standing free, alone and bold.


Taking orders from his Master

            To believe, apply or say—

Only seeing good or evil.

Only hailing “the narrow way.” 1.


“Do not say, ‘It doesn’t matter.’

            Don’t you know Jehovah sees?

God is full of light and truth—

            Never lies or hypocrisy.”


“Some things are just wrong.”

            (He’s never seen the color grey.)

The Word of God rings loud and clear—

            Its call he must obey.


Some say, “He is so negative...

            Wears ‘glasses’ dark with fears.”

But those who know the Prophet know

Those glasses hide the tears.


So tormented by the world—

            Upset with sin and godless men,

Who test the grace and patience

            of the Lord, whom they offend.


He knows judgment is coming!

            So, the Prophet’s one desire

Is to warn, protect and guide

            all who are soon tested by fire. 2.



1.   Matthew 7:13-14

2.   1 Corinthians 3:10-15, 2 Thess. 1:5-10




revised 12.30.12

© 2015 gratefulsue